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  1. Richard B

    Richard B

  2. Are the rules strictly roof-on? I imagine it will be quicker in a top-less Elise or Exige S Roadster. Just walk in and out!
  3. Love that fact that Mike's "bike-mower" has about 21 gears for when you really get some speed up! :-D
  4. Congrats on your 40K Likes, Bibs! Hope our 100,000th happens in the middle of the day like that!
  5. ...and just to update. Buddsy won the prize for best dressed "retro-Bond" and really looked the part with the Esprit too. Here he is receiving his spectacular trophy from none other than "Daniel Craig" himself!
  6. So... no strong opinions on it then molemot? ;-)
  7. Thank you all for your comments on this topic. I look after the Lotus Cars website and content. In this particular case, the Management page was supposed to have been removed from the website a few weeks ago, and clearly it wasn't checked properly afterwards, as it was appearing as "not authorised" on the UK version of the page and untouched on other versions. It was simply an error. Not all the steps had been completed when removing the page from the website. The reason for the removal of the page was simply because the content was no longer up to date and we did not have any photos, biographies or interviews to replace it. I have removed the page completely now and also links to it from the "About Us" menu in the grey right-hand column. Thanks.
  8. I loved reading this thread, especially as I knew the answer all along! ...and especially Mayesprit's "Hazelnut in every 3 bites" post. Well deserved mate for all the efforts that you make for the Lotus brand.
  9. This week Lotus takes a new twist on the old cult classic film, The Italian Job, in the run up to the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Visit to follow our us on our road-trip and find out how Lotus is joining Goodwood to celebrate this year's theme ‘Viva Veloce’, ‘The Passion for Speed’! "You’re Only Supposed to Blow the B****y Doors Off !!"
  10. You may have something of great interest to us for this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed from 2nd to 4th of July. We look forward to hearing from you! Click this link for more details...
  11. You may have something of great interest to us for this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed from 2nd to 4th of July. We look forward to hearing from you! Click this link for more details...
  12. The time has come for you to drive a new Lotus. The Evora is the latest development to emerge from the Lotus stable and is currently the only mid-engined sports car in 2+2 configuration on the world market. This means that it offers exceptional road performance coupled with an impressive degree of practicality. Visit us at the Lotus Roadshow 2010 and form your own impression of the new Lotus Evora. See our new website at for more details. Ostende Kurzaal Theatre Ostende Ostende 24/06/2010 Antwerp Laurent Perrier Champagne Bar Stadsfeestzaal Shopping centre. Antwerp 26/06/2010 Birminghamham / Leicester CLA Game Club, Warwickshire Warwickshire, Midlands 23/07/2010 - 25/07/2010
  13. Taku’s Thirst for Success Despite a shocking Saturday practice session Lotus IndyCar driver Takuma Sato made the most of yesterday’s so called ‘Bump Day Qualifying’ placing 31st out of 37 contenders. There were two qualifying sessions, one on Saturday for places 1 to 24 which Taku missed after an accident in the practice session resulted in a short hospital visit and one on Sunday. Luckily Taku was declared fit to race and managed to compete in the second qualifying session for places 25 to 33. For the IndyCar novices out there, 33 cars qualify for the 500 mile event next Sunday (30th May). The result means IndyCar rookie Taku will still get to hear the famous ‘Gentlemen: start your engines’ as he flies the flag for Lotus during the 94th running of what is described by many as the Greatest Spectacle in Racing. And we’re a realistic bunch here at Lotus, we know that starting 31st out of a grid of 33 is by no means the best position but our man is still in the running and if there’s one thing Taku likes, it’s a challenge so you may yet find him up on that winners podium celebrating with the traditional and slightly bizarre Indy 500 winners drink. So what is Taku hoping to drink next Sunday? The drink is so unusual it inspired us to create a little game for all you Lotus fans out there, find the answers to the following four clues to find the solution. Indianapolis is the _ _ _ _ of IndyCar. Which position did Taku qualify in? Who won the Indy 500 for Lotus in 1965? Jim _ _ _ _ _ What’s the nickname of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway? Clue: it relates to the surface of the start/finish line.
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