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  1. Looks great, what does the number plate stand for? Love the black on white contrast.
  2. I think it is a bit of fun poking the Germans, they have been so good for so long it is a compliment to both cars to have the comparison. Didn
  3. Congrats, has to be solar yellow I think I have fallen in love with that colour on an Evora
  4. The lotus tech talk, at the factory meet, say the back is comfortable for individuals up to 5 feet. From the guys that tried the back this would seem to be about right.
  5. That is early, trying to convince the wife that I am hard done by to reduce the revenge spending while I am away. Tomorrow mornings mission is to announce that I have to get up a 4am (well if I am going to sugar it, best to do it right) at that dreadful hotel with a flooded field out the back.
  6. Booked in now thanks to help from Bibs, only had deluxe rooms left but I got one for very little more and I am worth it. The only times I have been away this year has been with the Elise Trophy sharing with 2 sweaty and sometimes amorous crew members, so if you see me walking around looking a little lost without the standard cuts, bruises, oil in the hair and exhaustion, grab me and bring me to the bar.
  7. It would take some air miles to send that baby. Coming soon to an airport near you Ryanair flights in the hold
  8. Tried to get a response from the Hotel about the group rate but they did not reply via email, anyone know the reservation code, the Exige would be a little cosy to sleep in.
  9. 1. Bibs - Esprit Turbo SE 2. Stefan (+ pax) - Boeing 737-200 + rental car 3. tonyc and son Andrew in Jaguar XJ6 (IF THERE ARE ANY TICKETS LEFT FOR SUNDAY ONLY!) 4. TomE - Elise SC 5. jimmybondi and Bondgirl - TurboEsprit 6. markv (poss + son if he's allowed as track passenger) - M100 Elan SE 7. AFE - Cheque in the post- S2 exige - Only 1100 miles round trip so how could I miss it
  10. AFE

    Aquamarine & oyster

    I love the number plate, tell me you got rockets installed as an optional extra.
  11. I need to stop reading the forum as it makes me cry baby tears at the fun others are having. I really need to do another tour of Europe, last one was in an Exige and had an absolute ball.
  12. It look really great in black, not jealous at all. I think black really suits the lines.
  13. Hope to come, need to get the finger out and book. Bringing an S2 Exige
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