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  1. my 97 v8 esprit has a bad attitude. I AM OVERBOOSTING (Background) I am trying to dial in 15psi all internals heads ect have been modified to handle. I replaced the capsuls (10psi) they start to move when i apply approx 8psi w/ a mini hand pump. all hoses are good. I installed a manuall boost controller which seems to have NO affect either way???????? I have the controller after the stock boost sending unit in the engine bay on the back firewall. The vacume line comes from the throttle body into the ECU compartment into a (?????? Valve) then into the sensing unit on the firewall, then through my controller to the turbos. correct? If the vacume lines are good & I can pop off the capsulls with a hand pump at 8psi. Question; What the heck is causing me to overboost........full boost at 1/4 throttle? Accepting all opinions no matter how crazy they sound. Thanks Brad
  2. I am currentely looking for (2) items for my 97 Esprtit 1. A Electronic Boost controller 2. A Water/Ethenal Injection. Does anyone have personal experience good or bad with either? Regarding. a. Brand/Manufacture b. Price$$$$ c. Performance d. Installations do's and dont's Taking all opinions! Thanks Brad
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