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  1. Looking for a Electronic Boost controller for my 97 V8 Esprit Ant recomendations would be appreciated
  2. Does anyone know what is the widest/largest tire size i can run with 2004 esprit rims on my 97? Are 295 /35/18 and 235/40/17 the widest set up? Let me know i ready to buy
  3. Anyone have experience good or bad exceeding the stock tire size? 2004 wheels on a V8 Esprit 225-45-17 & 285-35-18
  4. i measured 3.25 volts on my 97 tps sensor, boost and performance is down, i loosened the nuts and managed to get it to 4.3 v. still not 5 v. is the tps bad? or am i overlooking somthing else.
  5. ok so when i checked voltage i got 3.25v i adj the sensor and go 4.3 volts...??? What the heck is going on??? is the tps bad?
  6. Thanks Mark... Anyone know what the TPS voltage should be? and if the 15psi actuators will be a good mod?
  7. Thanks for the reply! yep Ive had the heads studed aftermarket forged pistens, intake exhaust etc, looking to mist researching as we speak..... & i agree BTW. so now i want to make the corect additions to the boost side are done right, where should my stock boost gauge read? 3/4 7/8 or max? adding the 15psi actuators will that hold 15psi on the intake? and can anyone repair my red race ECU?
  8. My red race ecu was fried when my car was returned to me after head gasgets were replced and the stock ecu was plugged back in. So i purchased Johans red chips and were soldered into my stock ecu and my car has never been the same. I have 10psi aftermarket wast gate actuators on my 97 esprit. & now my stock boost gauage reads 3/4 bar. w/a peak of 7/8. brief. I used to ping the gauge all the way dyno says 321 rwhp at 17psi??? either way ive lost 150 hp.... previouse dyno runs (prior to head work) were in the 460+hp with stock waste gate pods. The question is will 12 or 15 psi ac
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