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  1. Friends, I have downloaded the Espritmon program tonight and will give it a go when I get home from traveling next week. I will check to see if the ECU is giving the Fan On command at 92 C. I also like the ablity to turn the fans on and off from the laptop. After reading the FreeScan Manual on the plane tonight I also learned that the old 91 EPROM/Memcal has some quirks that might have a negative effect on my car at low RPM making it have a rough idle. Might be wise to replace the original EPROM with a modern software update. The ECU seems to be a 90/91 GM unit that is readily availabl
  2. Erik, Correct on the not moving comment. I have not been able to take the car out for a drive with the Freescan plugged in yet. I hope to be able to do it in the next week and post the condensed csv file of a drive. I also downloaded the Espritmon program to watch the engine stats from a different perspective. Hell, monitoring and studying all this stuff is almost as cool as the car in general. Never thought I would get a kick out of this side of owning an old Lotus, but it is cool. Thanks, Charlie
  3. Bibs, Thanks for the fast reply. Attached is the Freescan file from last nights run on my 91 Esprit SE. I have not collected data from a long drive as of yet, but will do so in the near future. Any feedback on what I have for readings last night would be most welcome Cheers from Sunny Houston Texas McClendon - 91 Esprit March 25tth 2010-b.csv
  4. Below is an excerpt from another post on the Forum, this blurb pertains to my first Freescan file that I saved on the car last night. The first post is related to cooling fan issues...... I have a good sized Excel file of the Freescan run from last night if any of the Forum folks would like to take a look at it for me. I ran the car through RPM ranges from idle to 4k and then back down to idle, several loops of RPM ranges to try and capture loads of data. A couple of concerns I have (may not be valid concerns, as I am learning to understand the program still): . a) My Rich/Lean number
  5. Cooling fan update.... I hooked up Freescan last night so I could watch the ECU temps. From a cold start, both Freescan temps and the car dash gauge temps are within 5 deg C of each other (dash gauge being on the higher side, but only by 5 C). I let the car warm up at idle, checking both the Freescan and the dash gauge frequently. Eventually the temp gets up to 80 C, both temps are within 3 Deg C of each other. Continue to let it idle, it evenually rises to 92 C on the Freescan screen, dash reads 95. No fans trip on. After a wee bit it starts to creep to 105, still no fans. I turn th
  6. Dear Esprit fans, On my 91 SE, the cooling fans do not come on at the 90 degree C point as they did last summer. I have replaced both relay modules and the temperature switch below the intake manifold. The temp gauge shows a slow rise to 80 deg. If the car sits at idle for a while it will eventually climb to 90 and then upwards of plus 100 C. If I turn on the A/C to max then all three fans switch on (as expected). This will eventually bring the gauge temp back down below 80, so I believe that the water pump and cooling system are in good operating order. Is there something besides the
  7. Thanks Freek.... Have you ever experienced this problem on your SE? Its nice to see some chat from a fellow SE owner, looks like you are on the other side of the globe from me ) I am a wee bit nervous about doing the water pump and the timing belt, but I guess its guys like us that keep the old Esprits alive. Talk to you soon I hope. Cheers, Charlie
  8. UPATE on 91 Esprit SE: Replaced both coil-packs with the MSD units. Reset ECU, no change in the way the car ran. Still dead on 2 & 3. Plug wires are good, but I am still going to replace them with new, if anything just for me to know it has been done. Pulled Chargecooler off and started in on the primary fuel injectors. Installed four new RC injectors (purchased from JAE.... Lots of help from Jeff and the gang). Also noticed some dried out and broken vacuum lines under the Chargecooler, replaced all lines. Reset ECU. Fired the car up and she runs smooth as silk. I am pleased wi
  9. My car does have the dual "twin-pak" coils on it. I can swap the coils and see if the problem moves to 1 and 4. My initial thought was that the coil was ok because of the foloowing: With the car runnning (very rough by the way, only 1 and 4 are firing), I can pull each plug wire off one at a time. on 4 and 1 the car will try to stall (only then running on a single cylinder). When 2 or 3 are pulled off there is no change what soever. I can see a spark to the engine when I have the plug wire away from the spark plug. The wire tip will throw a spark at just about anything I get it near.
  10. 1991 Esprit SE - USA Fuel Injected Turbo: Car was running a little rough on idle, and always has stumbled on take off and throttle mash from a stop. Yesterday I was sitting at an idle at 80c degrees, all of the sudden it started running very rough. I checked all four cyl for spark. Pulled off plug wire 1, car almost died, pulled off 2 and 3, no change in idle but have a full spark to block. Pulled off plug wire 4 and it did the same as 1, almost died. I think for some reason I have lost fuel to 2 and 3. Is it possible that the two fuel injectors are tied together and I lost a ground to
  11. Hi Chris..... Were you ever able to figure out the problem with your hesitation/stalling issue on your 1990 Esprit? My 1991 SE is starting to show the same signs of hesitation during take-off from standstill. I just ordered a new O2 Sensor and am in hopes that this will correct the problem. I have also read that I need to clean the flywheel sensor, as it is related to what the computer uses to adjust timing. Any feedback you have would be great.
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