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  1. This place is like the don't get to leave. 👍
  2. No credit for turning you on to her? 😭
  3. The key is to neither sit nor stand, but to crotch...I mean crouch:
  4. Two “poll” questions: (1) what’s the best guitar you have relative to what it cost; and (2) what’s the weirdest guitar you have regardless of cost?
  5. The switches have a surprisingly huge effect. Specs: Demo:
  6. I relate to "Price Really Sucks," but when you come across a PRS that's so versatile in tones, so light/comfortable/ergonomic, and so sexy that it's easy to decide to sell a few lesser axes in order to pay for it, then it doesn't suck nearly as much, and you can actually end up with more money than when you started. which is what happened to me. So I sold a Custom Shop Les Paul and a Grosh P-90 ElectraJet and ended up with a a PRS 509 "10-Top" in Blood Orange, and I don't regret selling the other axes for a second because this thing is so fantastic and versatile. It's my #1 go-to guitar.
  7. Speaking of multi-scale guitars, I picked up this amazing Yamamoto baritone acoustic last December in San Francisco while out there for the 20th anniversary memorial concert for my old pal Michael Hedges. Two hours after I picked it up I handed it to another pal, the great Andy McKee, who played it like he owned it and gave me a massive inferiority complex. Bastard. That’s master luthier/innovator Steve Klein on the left.
  8. Too late and too many to post, but this is my current favorite.
  9. Wow. Just show's you my level of ignorance. I thought all the dry sump '82 Turbos were Essex livery prototypes!
  10. In 2009 I bought a used 2005 American Series Fender Nashville B-bender Telecaster, didn't like the middle Strat pickup (which has long ago disappeared), and really just wanted a great Tele with a B-bender, so I kinda went crazy with it—replaced the Tele pickups with a set by Kinman, swapped the neck for a Warmoth, swapped the tuners for locking Sperzels, swapped the pickguard…I think that's where the insanity ended. Anyway, I just found the original Tele pickups, which I believe are both "American Standard" series single coils. If you want 'em, they're yours for postage. Just reply here or PM me.
  11. I used to think Explorers, Firebirds, etc., were absurd, oversized things, but they're the most comfortable axes out there and consistently sound amazing. And that one is sweet. Real men play natural finish mahogany.
  12. Does that mean I can finally reveal the one-of-a-kind TRON Les Paul that Daniel Simon agreed to design for me? (Kidding. It's a Photoshop job.)
  13. Mark, Something psychic must be going on. Of the dozens of axes I've had, the only one I ever deeply regretted selling was my Gibson Skunk Baxter Firebird. I ended up missing it so much that I set up Google, eBay, and Reverb search filters for it in order to find another one. Then after several years of no hits, I just yesterday lost my patience, called an old college friend who used to work in PR for the Gibson Custom Shop and left him a voicemail asking if he might be able to point me in the right direction. Five minutes later I did an eBay search and BANG!...there was one, dead mint condition from a seller with 100% feedback and several thousand transactions. I'm swapping a few lesser axes for it, but I can't wait to get my hands on one of these things again...tomorrow! Psyched!!! - Matt P.S. That Explorer is stunning!
  14. I finally realized what The Manchurian Moscovian Candidate's cabinet appointments remind me of... And interesting that the guy who does the best skewering impression of the Donald is in the background of this photo...
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