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  1. Oh man, I'm so sorry to hear about that. And that is an absolutely totally cool custom Rick. If you don't mind my asking, are you suffering from numbness in a particular finger, or did you lose the cognition/memory of playing, or both?
  2. Anyone with GAS has been there —You run into a guitar and you think it's the last thing you'll ever dig, and then you can't believe how well it plays and sounds and feels. And then there are the ones that by all rights should be like the previous, but completely suck...usually all the money out of your bank account. And finally, there are the hideous string-planks posing as guitars which we love and only take out to show close friends. So share one of each. If not photos, the story behind the axes. And if you're really a glutton for punishment, tell us about the best guitar you ever had but had to sell or lost or was damaged beyond repair, and the exact maker and amount of booze you consumed to help get over it. Dive's're among friends. I'll certainly be posting once I take a few photos.
  3. Love it!!! In police lingo I'd say the photos of that guitar indicate it's "loitering with intent." Intent to shred! This is my Esprit Guitar. It's a 2010 Gibson Holy Explorer, nicknamed "Agent Orange" as is the '77 Esprit S1 it goes with. Like the car, it was refinished in Lotus Colorado Orange (the car by Mike Halker, the guitar by Patrick Simms - - who takes forever but does great work). I also designed a typographically-correct decal for it, and it also has a set of Duncan Custom Shop Greenie pickups - - for no good reason other than I love Peter Green and that out-of-phase middle tone. So like the car, a) it's a wedge, and b) has "added lightness," but I'm the only one who seems to find this amusing.
  4. Has anyone here attempted the clear sign of mental illness known as "Why yes, I am building two Coodercaster clones!"? My Lollar "Oahu" and "Gold Foil" pickups showed up today...and my TK Smith CAR blade pickup is on the way...and I sourced an original DeArmond neck pup. This time I've gone too far. (You can put that on my tombstone, along with the half-finished Coodercasters.)
  5. That was at Trump's wedding. Not sure what's more hypocritical -- that he invited the Clintons or that they accepted.
  6. Just took my son for a walk up to LaGuardia Airport for a bit of plane watching. Noticed that sitting at the north end of the Marine Air Terminal was Trump's 757... Pointed it out to my son who took a look, scowled, and said, "When will the wings fall off?" This led to a calmer discussion and him asking me who I'd be voting for. "Neither. They're both completely compromised and effectively worthless...Trump's just more adolescent and louder. Also, for all the insults, look at this and judge for yourself. They have more in common with each other than 99% of the rest of us.":
  7. For my part, you suppose wrong. To paraphrase GySgt Hartman, I think the whole crop this election has been equally worthless. After she'd bought her senate seat up here, I sat through an hour-long speech she gave on Long Island and it was the most vacuous blather I've ever heard. If speaking for an hour and saying absolutely nothing were an Olympic sport, she'd take home the gold. And then there's the other one from up here who also says nothing, just louder.
  8. Well, most of my DNA comes by way of Angus, so I'm sort of hoping the local council will vote to build a wall around it and let everyone in and out except my fellow Queens boy, Donny. Dunno about Nicola Sturgeon, but I'm pretty sure he'd get along great with Silvio Berlusconi.
  9. One thing is for sure — after what he pulled in Scotland he clearly doesn't give a rat's ass about any of you in the UK.
  10. It's over 300 Mb/s for downloads at my fiancée's in northern Manhattan. Just crazy fast. The one I posted above is from my mother's place in Queens...ya know, where Donald Trump is from and which we all try to deny.
  11. Nice. Putting the c**k in Peacock apparently. And referencing the steam off his Pea. Well done.
  12. Courtesy of my mom, definitely the funniest thing I'll hear all day: "I was listening to a guided meditation last night...[puzzled look] was for cage fighters!"
  13. Between Gene, me, Art, and Eric that car has had more completely committed Lotus custodians as owners than any Lotus I know of, and it is sublime in every way. I miss it every few days and only sold it to fund my Evora S. Yes, just buy the damn thing. See &
  14. Reminds me a bit of my favourite line by comedian, Paula Poundstone, when she says that adults are always asking kids what they want to be when they grow up because they're looking for ideas.
  15. Great infographic and article at
  16. John, I'm not sure how this is possible, but I don't think I've ever seen a photo of a yellow S3 NA, but that is absolutely gorgeous. As much as I love the S1 above all else for cumulative reasons, I think the S3 NA has the most beautiful lines of all the G-Esprits. That's a real stunner. - Matt
  17. Not only is Bob's description of the absurdity of the whole thing dead-on, but twice in the past month when I've hit the toll booths on the RFK Bridge on my way from Jackson Heights to Judith's in Washington Heights (you and I took that drive together in the Evora before we got our picnic basket and headed to Ohio), the entire EZ-Pass system went down. Every damn lane just froze for about 40 minutes. The whole system sucks. They have the tech to make it a high-speed passthrough--like 50mph instead of 5mph--because they've done it on I-684, so I'm not sure why they don't do it everywhere. I guess it's just too congested within the city limits. Even better, on the Manhattan/Bronx tolls, you just drive through, they take a photo of your license plate, run OCR on the image, and charge your account.
  18. I did, but just the S1... Purists who like all-original will find things to dislike about it and pick it apart. People who don't care that's it's been restored and not purely to spec won't care, like me. It's a wonderful car and drives better than pretty much any S1 I've driven. What's it worth? I have no idea. I just know S1s and Giugiaro Esprits in general have been absurdly under-valued, ultimately the market will speak, and it'll be interesting to see what this ultimately goes for and if it ends up in the hands of a Lotus fan or a new convert to the marque.
  19. Funny--just last week I was helping out a guy who's new to Lotus and looking for some flavor of G-Esprit, and he'd found a pretty nice looking Turbo, in, I think, Canada, and it had no side decals and I therefore figured it was a respray. But then I spoke with a Lotus concours judge who knows far more than me and apparently they weren't obligatory. I forget what time period he mentioned, but there was a period when they had no side markings. Agreed, but sadly I fully expect this will devolve -- as it usually does -- in to a lot of hostile and hypocritical online sniping. But before iI give a recent example--about one of the two cars I'll be driving in fact--I want to mention something that I'll never forget regarding a 308 vs a G-Esprit. I was visiting Tony K once in Ohio and a few blocks from his home back then there was a stretch of pavement that was fairly well chewed up and rough. We were in his black 308 GTBi and as we went over that section of pavement, which practically rattled the fillings out of my teeth, he mentioned that an S1 would just glide over it. So we parked the 308 and took out his Oxford Blue S1 to drive over the same section, and man, he couldn't have been more right. It was like floating over the bumps in comparison. Anyway, too frequently I encounter Lotus guys who talk out both sides of their mouth. On the one hand they love and worship the cars, but on the other become weirdly indignant and even outright snotty and hostile when someone actually ascribes a real value to them. It almost comes across like, "I'm a serious Lotus guy and therefore I know how little they're worth." Uhhh...OK. Whatever. A recent example would be when my local dealer listed that Turbo Esprit for $64.5K -- granted, more than we're used to seeing, and a lot more than I'd paid for my '83 Investors Edition Turbo -- which of course generated some discussion on the Facebook Esprit group with some guy calling my dealer a "dreamer with no knowledge of the car", etc. And I thought to myself, "Right. You mean the guy with the shop that does only restorations and wins at places like Amelia, except for selling only one, count 'em, 1, marque as new, i.e., Lotus, because he knows and loves the marque? The guy who bought the B&C S1 that had been converted to a Turbo? The guy who bought an Evora GT4 and sold it? The guy who restored a 23B to the point that it looked like it had just rolled off the assembly line? I'm not claiming in any way to have a handle on valuation (that's why I rely on Andy, and TLFers like you, as well as lotus friends here in the Northeast USA, but I sure as hell believe G-Esprits at least are undervalued, and at some point I'd love if a few of them went for huge amounts of wonga. Not because I have any intention of selling my S1 once it's done, but because I think they're iconic, rolling pieces of absolutely timeless beauty and artistry, including what they were working towards on the engineering side that you can't see without x-ray vision, and yeah, I think a really great G-Esprit is worth high five figures and truly exceptional ones are worth low six figures. But that's just me and the market will bear what it will. But the crowd of reliably duplicitous Lotus guys who come out of the woodwork and get perversely indignant that the cars they love are being listed for bigger bucks really piss me off. If you look at it from a higher altitude than any one particular car, it comes across as hypocritical and like a sad form of turf/ego/expert defensiveness.
  20. Hi Gordon, Greetings from Grand Central Station. Regarding the color of that '86 turbo, I'm 99% sure Tony K found the name of that color as part of his S1 color list research elsewhere on TLF. Driving me a bit nuts because I KNOW I've seen it discussed elsewhere--I think there was a guy in San Diego (?) who'd restored an S1 or S2 to its original color--that same red. Regency Red, Carnival Red, Calypso Red?...I just can't remember. Anyway, I'm pretty sure Tony K would know. And regarding the Turbo and S1 I'll be driving, if the dealer is cool with it I'll mount a GoPro inside and give my running commentary...for what it's worth.
  21. I'm taking out that black S1 and the '83 Turbo Esprit they're listing for $64,500 - for test drives and overall assessments, probably on Friday, and will report back. Something is certainly going on because I'm not in the market for either, but have been asked by five people from outside of New York State to check them out, and they're all serious potential buyers. So something seems to be changing in general interest and perceived value of Giugiaro Esprits at least.
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