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  1. Still preping for LOG even though i'm Flying out . All is well. Removed plenum and fan to find one motor seized. Lots of wd-40 and they where fine till more smoke. Pulled the relay to find one of the terminal spades pushed out of the relay box.Pushed it back and all was well. Air blowing cold and fast on way home. Thank's for the help. Bob 85 Turbo
  2. I have a Carbtune and set the carbs when the shut down problem was most glareing. Atually was about to try that tonight, but the misquitos were bad so I came in.Switched my seats over and now have a nice tight fit.I actually passed emissions last year after using the Carbtune.Will hook it up when back from LOG in St Louis.Thank's for your help. Bob 84 Turbo .
  3. Smoke came from the air intakes in front lid at base of windshield. The plastic cover for the motor was of course quite hot.Have not turned the fans on since. Great day here so drove the Turbo to work and to clients.Still have my ignition miss per other post also ,but had fun today.Going to LOG Fri and will be back Tue. to again work on car. Thank's for help. I'll try and get a multimeter reading tommorow before leaving. Bob 85 turbo
  4. Thank's, Battery is good and charging fine. I'm very perplexed. Bob 85 Turbo
  5. Yes I have a multimeter Bob 85 Turbo
  6. Iv'e been sorting a miss for some time and have corrected the worst of it ,but for at a maintained speed over 3800rpm. Car starts to spit from air box. Get's bad as rpm climbs.Runs fine if increasing speed through rpm range. Is fine with wide open throttle. Problem started with motor shutting down after 5 min. at speeds over 70 mph. Loss of all power than would pickup again at about 50 mph.Reset floats. New fuel pump and filter,new distibutor. Thought it was running out of gas. Then replaced spark and coil wires and plugs. No progress. Replaced coil and car then ran strong and held speed's over 100mph. Timeing set at 18 degrees at 4000rpm. Iv'e gone through the vacum lines at distibutor and carbs. Checked disributor for bad diaphram and all checks out. Cold start fluctuates from 950 rpm to 2800rpm randomly.I don't know if that has any bearing.Iv'e hit a wall but for the cold start and am not familiar with that system.Please, ANY ideas? Bob 85 turbo
  7. I could use some help also.Interior fan is slow so I changed the relay.JAE was out of stock so I got a Bosh 20/30 amp that fits. Fan ran well, but after 5min of warm up to change the oil, smoke was coming from front air intake. Turned off fan and pulled relay.Fan still runs slow even with relay out.Any idea's?.Hope I post this correctly. Bob 85 Turbo
  8. Sorry to repeat post.Jeff Hammer is on this forum and has an 86 Esprit
  9. 85 turbo, Regency Red with tan interior,40,000 mi. Great site. Hammer why haven't you told me about this? Getting car ready for Log on Sat. See some of you in St.Louis. Hammer can probably help you with car on Sun. Nice to see everyone here with G cars. Bob 85 Turbo Aleandria,Va.
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