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  1. No. Lotus said 90-95mm. It was set at 120mm. It has now been reset to 90-95. - Robin
  2. I spoke to Lotus Technical Support after being told by the service centre they would need to pull the clutch out again to fix the problem. Lotus suggested I have them check the clutch pedal set up. This was @ 120mm rather than 95mm. Problem is now fixed after a long wait and back on the road. Lotus Technical support is a great service for those that are having problems. - Robin
  3. The flywheel was skimmed when the clutch was replaced. The strange thing is that clutch was ok after it was replaced and has degenerated very quickly over the first 1,000k and now has a very high engagement point.
  4. I just had a complete new clutch installed and am now having problems with the point at which it engages. The clutch was fine when I picked the car up. However, the engagement has got progressively higher and higher until the clutch now engages at the very last moment. The car has done less than 1,000k on the new clutch. The hydraulics and everything visible has been checked. Any ideas or suggestions at to what might be wrong before the gearbox comes out again? Thanks for your help.
  5. Thanks anyway. I thought I had pretty much exhausted the options. Looks like I will have to move to the UK for 12 months!!
  6. Hi Nick I have looked at bringing a car in from the UK and have eventually given up. Did you manage to find your way through the paper work and someone to comply the car? Any advice or someone you can refer me to? Thanks for your help. - Robin
  7. I am interested in joining the drive. I only came across the post by accident - you could have the Lotus Club email other owners to gauge interest?
  8. Thanks Glyn Do you have the part number for the complete unit? It may be easier to replace the whole unit? - Robin
  9. I have a 96 V8 which is having the Cam Belts replaced. I ordered new Cam Belt Tensioner Bearing (C918E6066F CAM BELT TENSIONER BEARING for V8) and have been advised that they are the wrong ones - the internal diameter is the wrong size. The comment from the shop, Lotus Registered Repairer in Sydney, doing the work is that there was an upgrade that changed the internal diameter to a larger side and that this upgrade had been done to the car. There appears to be only one model number, and, there is no stock in Australia to do a comparison against. Can anyone clarify the situation? Was there an upgrade? Are their two different size bearings with different internal diameters? Is there a different model number? How do you specify the right ones? What are the internal diameters? Thanks for your help. Regards. Robin
  10. Thanks Marcus I am using Digimoto 5.0 standard charts - I don't know how they do the calculation. I have tried attaching other charts for short term and O2 voltage but I have exceeded the max size for attachments and don't know how to get around this. Does the injector cleaner fuel additive work or am I better off taking the plennum off, checking everthing and having the injectors cleaned properly. Thanks again. - Robin
  11. I have a 96 V8 with 38,000k. The long and short term fuel trim are noticeable different from Bank 1 to Bank 2 - see attached charts (this post has the longterm fuel trim charts - the next post has the short term fuel trim charts). Is this normal? Any suggestions as to what else to look for? Could this be clogged injectors? Also, from the back of the car looking forward, which is bank 1 and bank 2? I suspect the right hand bank is running rich? Thanks for your help. Regards. Robin Longterm_Fuel_Trim_Bank_1.bmp Longterm_Fuel_Trim_Bank_2.bmp
  12. Is there a particular recommended o2 sensor for the V8 rather than the standard ones which appear to be very expensive? Brand/part no? Thanks.
  13. Thanks All - I have a 96 V8 with 38,000k - live in Australia. SJ Sportscars were recommending that I have the cam belt tensioner bearings replaced as well. Is this common? Chris, do you have a product code for the SKF bearing and know where I can order one? It is often cheaper to buy from the UK (no VAT as well!!) than buying in Australia and much quicker than ordering through the local distributor. - Robin
  14. I am arranging to have the cambelts done and wanted to check what else, such as the idler pulley, should be done at the same time? Any recommendations? Thanks.
  15. The attached side bar was in the latest Motor magazine. Has this been published before?
  16. Thanks for the comments - fyi - currently very warm outside - I live in Australia. - Robin
  17. Hi Marcus I ran the car today in the garage at idle until it warmed up - no smoke!!! The smoke earlier wasn't black and the left exhuast doesn't look noticeable different from the right as I would have expected if the left was burning oil. I did notice that there was condensation/moisture from the left had pipe (the side the smoke was on) until warm and then no more noticeable moisture. I also checked the coolant level again - no change over the last 18 months. Any thoughts on next steps or what to check? Thanks.
  18. I noticed on the week end that I occassionally get smoke from the left exhaust. It was happening intermittently at idle and later on a trailing throttle. However, it appeared to stop when the car was hot and/or accelerating. I tested the O2 sensors and these appear to be operating normally. There did not appear to be a miss or any other problem. The only other observation that the left bank idle was not as smooth as the right - just looking at the exhaust pipe - there was an occassional vibration on the left side. Any suggestions as to where to start? It is a 96 V8 which has done 40k. Only modifications are to the exhaust - high flo cats and resonators. Thanks for your help.
  19. I have an early V8 and cannot find the connector under the dash - I suspect the early cars only had the once connector next to the battery. I had problems getting the reader to connect. Tried many times without luck. Then it just worked. It appeared to have something to do with whether or not the connector was connected when the ignition was turned on. Trouble is, I can't remember the sequence!! Try connecting and disconnecting with the ignition on and off and the car on and off. There was a thread on the digimoto forum about needing a reset button on the connector to enable it to be reset to get around the problem.
  20. Does anyone have a copy of the section from EMM.6 -
  21. Ramsport and Brandt have released a kit that appears to meet the objective, except price, 5600 euro.
  22. I have an early V8 which I am delighted with - I drove both the S4, S4s and V8 before deciding on the V8. Also, I hadn't heard that there was a general recall for liners in any country? I know some were repaired under warranty, but, not sure that there was a general recall. The car has been very reliable - other than battery charge in winter - have now added a battery conditioner - works well. With respect to potential costs, one engine rebuild for the V8 that I am aware of was as a result of poor maintenance and I think a timing belt or similar failure rather than a liner problem - new head (ouch), valves, pistons, etc. They also put a new twin plate clutch in at the same time. The cost was over $45k - a significant part of these costs were the new head and twin plate clutch. Before making a decision re the V8 and liners read the article on Lotus Esprit World which provides very good background and a balanced view - The other suggestion to keep the costs down is to import parts directly from the UK rather than buing locally in Australia. I have found this much much cheaper than purchasing locally. I have also found I get the parts quicker!! I have used SJ Sportscars - they have been excellent.
  23. I have a 96 V8, delivered 97 in Australia. I am the 2nd owner - now 35,000k. No problems - very very reliable other than battery charge in winter!!!
  24. Another Australian owner living in Sydney - V8 - Robin
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