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  1. I may have what you need, but it will be awhile, I purchased two S1's a couple of weeks ago, trying to keep both of them but it looks like I am going to need one to make the other if that is the case I will have an extra set of Wolfrace rims, sorry not a definate yet but if it works out you have first right of refusal on them Todd
  2. I plan on taking some pictures this weekend of both S1's, btw if anyone here in the US and has a tranny for an S1 please let me know if you are interested in selling it. Thanks
  3. Tony: thanks for the info I will catch up with you and give you call , I would like to keep both of the S1's operational , I will get pics this week, let me know what you guys think. Thanks Todd
  4. Paul : I am in the US, I will look to see if I can locate it , sounds like it is inside the boot directly behind/underneath the seats behind the engine? THanks Todd the previous owner told me it was a 1976 he knows nothing about Lotus', the story was it was brought into the US back in the late 70's with farm equipment, previous owner aquired it through property/storage repossesion has been sitting in storage since then......... Thanks Todd
  5. thanks for all the info, I tought there might be some type of Id# stamped in the frame, I get some pictures for you guys and then let me know what you think. THanks Todd
  6. Gordon: Thanks for the heads up, there is no vin# , is there a chassis# stamped somewhere? I have the chassis number to one of the Bond cars, trying to see if the chassis number is in line with the one I have from one of the bOnd cars. The 76 is the white car the interior is there but there are no seats or orange carpet, console is hacked and missing parts, there is no engine, I will try to take some pictures this weekend and post, I appreciate all the help. Todd
  7. Thanks guys, I appreciate it, I am sure I will be posting for future advice and help. I will post pictures of both S1's in the next couple of days hopefully. Luckily I have a warehouse to house all the cars, these Lotus projects I am very excited about. Any help or info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Todd
  8. HI , well I am new to the Lotus experience, I have been advised and told not to purchase an S1 Lotus, they say its a labour of love, but I really do like the early styling of the car! I am ready for the challange. I am a car guy I collect American muscle and exotics my web site is . check it out . I ended up purchasing two Lotus Esprit S1's. One is an early 1976 S1 and the other is a 1977 S1, one is right hand drive , the other is left hand drive. I am trying to find the chassis number for the 76, it is missing the vin# and is incomplete, but to be honest I have
  9. Where are the chassis numbers located on the Lotus S1 chassis? I am trying to clarify the history of this Lotus S1 I recently purchased. Thanks Todd
  10. Thanks so much for the info where is the chassis number located? I will post the pictures in the introduction site soon I ended up with (2) s1 cars and 1976 and 1977 . If anyone can tell me the location of the Chassis number that would be great . Thanks Todd
  11. I recently purchased a 1976 Lotus S1 trying to confirm some history with it, where are all the vin. numbers and chassis numbers located. Thanks so much!
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