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  1. So, I wondered why my batt went flat in a matter of weeks, even though the kill switch was out. Damn Tracker. Can't believe I didn't think of that. g
  2. Thanks Adam, lots to try there. I had the 260 upgrade - hopefully that didn't muck it up. I'll report back. g
  3. When you keep the button pressed down the light (on the button) comes on, but not on the dash. Tried at different settings. No difference. Tricky one to deal with at the garage, unless they can diagnostic check it? g
  4. I think that's what I was wondering, but, as you say, that wouldn't explain the lack of TC out of the corners. g
  5. I've always wondered whether my TC ever worked! Since a month or so into ownership the orange instrument light never came on, either when you would epect TC to be interevening or when the TC is set to off. Yesterday at a torrential Silverstone, the fact that I could get the car sideways under power without any hint of intervention had me wondering. I further tested by wheelspinning the car on the wet painted floor in the pit garage. Wheels just span away with no intervention. So, tested from a standstill, and moving on wet bends with no engine retardation at all. I'm not mad am I, my TC is broken? g
  6. The good news is that I suspect a large chunk of the population rate his opinion very highly, and so any review that helps fill the Lotus bank account with cash is a good thing, because it means they can continue to fool around with wonderful projects like the 2-eleven and keep us guys and girls happy. My name's not down yet but I'm tempted. I have sat in one and it was just superb. Still want max power though having got very used to the SC delivery of the 2-eleven. g
  7. I did see the race car, but it was on a jack in bits! Enough drooling over the burnt orange factory 2-11 (GT3 or 4 can't remember) to last a few weeks. Great colour. If I ever need a respray it's going to be that. g
  8. Logging tyre pressures. I knew there was something I had forgotten! Video 4 is next bit of RaceTechnolgy kit for me. G
  9. So has anyone actually extended, or covered it some other way, or just taking a chance? g
  10. I promise I did a search but didn't find much, so apologies if this has been covered. Warranty runs out after 1 year, so what's the consensus view on what to do about warranty cover? g
  11. I think you are right. There are 2 ways of laying down the markers. Either when you get to the track, using the dash 3 and memory card without the .lap file, or before you go, manually placing the marker in the software (assuming you already have that track map) and then saving the .lap file to the memory card for when you get to the track. With the latter I had heard you can stretch the marker right across the track. I'll try that. Thanks Dell BTW - got the factory to install my Tyresure sensors. Just brilliant. g
  12. That's why I love Lotus. The guys at the factory said during my service Wednesday, yep we have a fix for that, and just squashed the pipe in front of me! g
  13. Del On your Dash 3, have you managed to get current live lap time, ie so you can see the seconds counting away, or do you just get a time once the lap is complete? Also, do you find the Dash 3 does not sometimes pick up the start or a new lap. I think the lap marker you set from the Dash 3 is very precise, so if say you set it whilst on the right of a track, it won't get picked up if you subsequently drive down the left.
  14. Had a really nice day at the factory on Wednesday. There was no secret squirrel testing going on so we were allowed to sit on the balcony all day, in the sun, overlooking the track. Steady stream of Evora's with some spirited driving from Matt (?) one of the Lotus drivers, looking after some journos who were in a chase car. Got a few passenger laps in a non-SC 2-11 driven by not sure, but he was pretty good! Lovely to see the car well sideways. Had a factory tour. Had my (Tyresure) tyre pressure / temp system fitted. Had a first service. Drooled over the new FIA seats and the carbon wing. And the engine upgrade - well worth it. Subtle but very nice difference. Pulls well - just feels more eager. On my 3rd Lotus and never been to the factory so felt it was well overdue. G
  15. Up at the factory for service+brake pads+tyres+ 260ps engine upgrade tomorrow!
  16. Yeah, bit soft I know but it goes sideways very well!
  17. Good summary. I think I'm with you on this. You'll never know it's worth it until you need it. I also track an M3 CSL, but that has an inertia belt and airbags! g
  18. That's right, from Wiki "...where the body remains in place because of the seat belts but the momentum keeps the head moving forwards, causing a Basilar skull fracture resulting in serious ...." (I didn't include the scary bit!) I agree as long as everyone is being sensible, it should be fine. But of course one can always run out of ability as well. Goodwood, Brands GP, and others don't have much run off. Does the neck foam thing do any good? g
  19. I might just be being a bit paranoid as I don't race (only 10-15 track days a year), but is it worth the effort to get a HANS set up (device itself + the new seats), for track days? I saw someone using one last week at Donny on a track day, it may be though he raced as well. You can read stories where at relatively low speads there were pretty dramatic results, and one arguement is, if it's available to help you be safer you should get it. The cost won't matter if it prevents a skull fracture! I have always used a neck foam but not sure this would do much good would it? g
  20. Del, did you ever sort this? g
  21. I've been off forum for a few months, only to come back and find you lot discussing cruise control! Uh ho, is it time for a change of car...... g
  22. How much would a respray of my launch colour car cost, seriously? My CSL is roughly that gunmetal grey colour, as is the mini, as is the Disco!
  23. Matt, I think we spoke at Donny (if it was about the tyre pressure monitor). I have this issue almost every track day, and it has been discussed a lot on here. Nothing you can do about it other than getting an expensive bag tank. The way it normally pans out for me is I'll get starvation - I then slow down and pit - the bars drop to nothing (empty) and then luckily I've had just enough fumes to get fuel. If I remember I basically just keep the tank as full as I can, but it is a pain filling up 5 times a day, as I did at Donny Tues. And, like Del, I know it's about 80 miles on the track per tank. g
  24. I get a good rpm feed into the DL1 from the ECU interface. g
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