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  1. Morning Alan. Is this going to be the new place for Scottish Esprit folks to commune then? Must admit, I've been on LEF since basically the start but typically (for me) just subscribe to one or two topics and only occasionally visit when spurred on by some reason so I kind of missed the fact that the regional sites had been set up. Hopefully see some of you this year. My MOT is booked for Monday and a new vacuum pump should be arriving on Thursday. Once that's fitted I'll be good to go! Cheers Ed
  2. After putting if off and off, I finally got round to replacing the tyres this summer. Local specialists could still get Pirelli P600s in the original size for the rears and P6000s on the front. Haven't really pushed it yet but the feel of the car is transformed and grip in the wet is much better. Interestingly, comfort is increased also with the car feeling more composed over rough surfaces. Moral is...get rid of those old tyres as soon as you can. Cheers Ed
  3. Well well Mr Fish...I've not been having a lot of time to hang around in the forum for a while although I do take the emails. Don't know how I missed this one though! Well done on fulfilling a dream. The car looks absolutely tops, and from Scotland too- Hey! Glad you're keeping the Esprit as well - hoarding is a great trait to possess! Many happy miles to you. Cheers Ed
  4. Donation sent. I know I don't say much on here but this is truly exceptional. I'm too far away and too useless mechanically to help but I'll be following progress avidly. Kudos to organisers and helpers - give yourselves a big pat on the back! Good Luck. Ed
  5. emg456

    Take That

    Haha - I agree with you Paul. Couldn't stand them or their "art" in the nineties but their new song is a superb pop song, exquisitely produced and recorded - sometimes it's great what experience brings to the table. Wayne - Bros were heaveworthy indeed but they still had at least 1 great tune! Ed (The guy who used to argue with everyone else in the seventies that Abba were geniuses.)
  6. I've now decided against the Pirellis after what Mr Fish has said about them and a few other discussions I've had with non Lotus drivers. My local supplier tells me that the Dunlop SP Sport 01s are on back order at Dunlop and are not expected in until early next year so having had a look around at what was actually available, I was thinking that The Eagle F1s would probably be a good bet. Do you have them on the front as well Dave? And how do you find them, especially in the wet? According to the Goodyear site they are made from a sticky compound - not great for wear but good in the wet. And Wayne, the tread will just be a blur to those hapless drivers you've just overtaken! Cheers Ed
  7. HC, 6 slots, original bonnet. Lotus logic - don't even try to figure it out! Ed
  8. What's the latest thinking on this? I'm about to replace all 4 and I'm thinking about following Lotus' advice and going for the Pirelli P6000s with the rears in the slightly smaller/narrower 225 size. Can anyone comment on the grip and handling with this setup, particularly in the wet (my most scariest time)? Cheers Ed
  9. Wow - just a touch of the old bitter and twisted there! I do absolutely agree with your point on the timings of the two big Club Lotus meets though. When Dan emailed round looking for cars for the lineup I had to tell him that with 10" of snow on the ground and the prospect of driving the Lotus getting on for 400 miles in each direction through completely unpredictable weather and guaranteed roads covered in salt and grit, I wouldn't be there. As far as I know the only crew that went down from Scotland went in their daily drive Elises and rightly so. A big meet at a nice, central location in the middle of the summer would at least give folks like me the chance of planning to attend and meeting all the characters from the forum in person. Ed (Feeling very far away)
  10. Right've now *got* to keep it together till at least next spring coz that's as soon as I'm likely to be down to see it!! LOL that's what I said last year!! Enjoy it mate and take it easy on the wet roads - I very nearly followed your example a few weekends ago! Cheers Ed
  11. Mmm... You don't say whether you will have access to another car or not. The Esprit is a machine for driving but it doesn't really function As a normal day to day car.Mind you, none of the 3 you have listed would but I suppose the BMW comes closest. The NSX is certainly rare but neither of the other two come close to the Esprit in terms of style/excitement/sense of occasion. Only you can decide, though. Just my 2p's worth. Cheers Ed
  12. Doh! Just looked at your post and realised that you're an Exige owner!! There's a sister group on Yahoo - Scottish Elises - a bit closer to the mark? Anyway, No Esprit? Never mind - there's time yet. Cheers Ed
  13. I haven't used them myself but would echo that Manor Garage seem to get a good rep among the Scottish Esprits guys both for mechanicals and bodywork. Any work on my car is done by a friend who is an independent VW/Audi specialist - he's not a Lotus expert but he knows his onions and I trust his opinions. He is very limited for space so any car which is going to hang around waiting for parts etc. is a problem for him but I could put you in touch if you want. Where are you based? How long have you had your Esprit and have you joined up at the Yahoo Scottish Esprits group yet? Cheers Ed
  14. Hi Ron. I'm in Glasgow too and we have a wee run planned for tomorrow. Don't know who's coming along yet - could be just two Esprits and one Elise but I have a spare seat if you'd like to come. Details of meet are on the Scottish Esprits Yahoo group. I'm at work just now tapping away on my pocket pc so I'll check this forum also later tonight to see if you've picked up this message. Cheers Ed
  15. It was on the telly as well doing all sorts of tricks - I can't remember what show but think it might even have been Tomorrows World? Cheers Ed
  16. Fishy, have you been driving and not letting on? Hope so! Ed
  17. Welcome Jan. I was over there on holiday last year - it's a beautiful place. Saw lots of Orca but no Lotuses! Cheers Ed
  18. Del, mine's on the back in the boot - easy to get at for maintenance etc. Want me to look at what type it is? Hang on - I don't need to - the receipt and instructions are in the history file!! God bless you, previous owners. It's a Hirschmann 921 738-002. Again though, this is on the back - don't know if it would fit in the front. Cheers Ed
  19. Just occasionally, on these fora, a comment is made which makes me LOL!! Cheers Paul. Ed
  20. I guess I'd have to say go for the G-Turbo HC, wouldn't I! It's the last and therefore youngest and most developed of the G cars and is also quite rare. But then if you've had 2 G-Turbos already....maybe a change is on the cards. Cheers Ed
  21. Maybe I should explain... When I was a boy...a long long time ago...anyway, it was a sort of tradition up here for the family to go out for "High Tea" This was a meal served about 6pm which consisted of 1 course - usually fish and chips - with bread and butter, followed by a pot of tea and a selection of cakes on one of those multi-tiered cake stand things. Mmm...delicious. Anyway because it was often fish High Tea is sometimes affectionately described as Fish Tea. ie not a strange drink! Don't really know why I decided to share all that but I did so there! Cheers Ed
  22. Ah, a fish tea - my favourite!! Cheers Ed
  23. emg456

    What's it for?

    Bibs, you *can* post via email on Yahoo - you just send it to the forum address. I'm getting used to these web based fora now but I must be old school or something - I still dont think you can beat a good usenet newsgroup!! Danger at the moment is too many fora. Cheers Ed
  24. emg456

    What's it for?

    OK - I found some of the stuff but I'll go and subscribe to all the forums now. Can you post by email? Cheers Ed
  25. Do I get a prize for the first avatar? Cheers Ed
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