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  1. I just read the comments and can't believe it. What a C***
  3. I need an Electric Drivetrain for my Esprit, wonder if we could bolt two of the tesla motors together!
  4. I had hiflow cats made recently and now only have two o2 sensors which seems to work fine although I have had three random times that the car has started and then just died, this happens three times and then all is fine and it idles. I have hooked up the PC to the car and no fault code shows. It is my understanding that only Federal cars that have software that uses all four sensors. Without them the faults you mention could appear I believe. I don't know how much they cost, the biggest problem is removing them without breaking the cat pipe. Marc
  5. marcdando

    Le Mans 2007

    I was just wondering who is planning on going to Le Mans next year and does it make sense to convoy down, book a site to stay together and put graphics on all the cars for the trip and mybe take in some scenery for a few days before or after of both? Anyone who has been in any type of Lotus will know that the limited boot space make for basic camping but if we make plan together we could share all sorts of stuff, make a great camp with our own showers and toilets and kitchen. If we all chip in we could purchase gear to be used for club events. I know one posible great location behind the hunaudieres cafe on the Mulsanne straight, it is a farm with limited facilities but nice and quiet and we could arrange to block off a field. If you have other ideas or locations let hear some ideas. Marc
  6. Not sure if it was anyone on the forum but last night i lost bid on ebay for an autoart v8, whoever won paid
  7. My washer jets have stopped working, the nearside went first and I have been putting up with one and regular cleaning but now they have both gone and I can't find any mention of them in the Service Book. Does anyone know how to get access to them and/or also have any bright ideas on upgrading them as well, there not great are they..... Cheers. Marc
  8. Good Job Alex. Have fun. One of favourites.
  9. Which was out of production in 1987
  10. Our first visit to Stoneleigh and much enjoyed. Good to meet more people at the meal, thanks to Paul & Howard and apologies to Debs and Sally for talking about cars and football all night.
  11. Good idea. Maybe the seven stars at in stroud would be a good meet place for a bit of drive and lunch, the car park is quite big there or the links in liphook maybe? Yes, know the chequers, I can see it from my office. Just starting to use it again, over the last 18 months we have had 5 different managers who have not been the best shall I say. I would love to have a drive of the S2 sometime as I am thinking of getting one as a project so if you fancy meeting up and trying out the V8? Marc
  12. I am almost certain it was an S2. Dare I say it but it was in need of some TLC, However, it was being used which is great and I didn't see any rust on the bodywork........
  13. I'm in Well, which is just over the A31 from Bentley. We quite often get to the Robin Hood and Greatham Inn which are both near you. I was in the first year of Bohunt School when it opened, which wasn't finished so we had a year at Longmoor Army Camp.
  14. Welcome to the forum Chuck. You have some nice roads to drive your Esprit on in the Atlanta area. B)
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