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  1. ddh

    S1/S2 parts wanted

    Hi, the picture is great thanks a lot.
  2. ddh

    S1/S2 parts wanted

    Yes a picture would be cool thanks, and thanks for your advice.
  3. ddh

    S1/S2 parts wanted

    Thank you all for your replys Tony you buy Dom's fans i will look for UK ones or motor bike ones, but thanks for the offer Dom. My drive shafts seam to have alot of play were the uj's fit i have put new uj's in but it did no good, i am going down to to day to get two second hand ones if he hes two good ones.
  4. ddh

    S1/S2 parts wanted

    Hi, Yes tried he has no rad fans or sills.
  5. ddh

    S1/S2 parts wanted

    Hi, Any one got any good drive shafts for sale or passinger side sill, or any rad fans.
  6. I have sold one or two cars in the past people except a brand new car for anything over a
  7. Hi all, Any one got any good drive shafts for sale.
  8. I have the owners handbook that came with my S1 when new the tyre sizes are 205/60/14 front 205/70/14 rear.
  9. yes it is white but you would not want to buy it because it is not finished yet.
  10. Hi all, can any one tell me how to bleed the back brakes on my S1, it has new master cylinder new brake pips and Goodrich hoses and new front callipers, the front bleed up fine,but the back has very little Pressure, and none or very little fluid comes out when you try to bleed them. do i need to bleed the back a diferant way. any help please.
  11. Hi all, can any one help, I have just put a 2.2 engine in my S1 but the Gear linkage bar that runs a long side the sump no longer fits do
  12. Hi all, i have a 1977 white s1 at the moment i am putting a 2.2 in it , it's been of the road for 15 years but will be back on the road soon.
  13. ddh


    Hi all, i need some help my s1 has very low oil pressure and puts out some smoke when you rev it, can it be fixed or should i get a second hand engine. any help welcome.
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