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  1. Broad and sweeping generalisations have been made on the "Esprits are very reliable" side, and I did not label all members of the board as fanboys, there's just one or two in this thread, please don't put words into my mouth as others have done repeatedly throughout this thread. Also I've mentioned some of the problems I've had, and pointed out that the cars are expensive to run if you do high miles on them, that is helpful despite what some seem to think. Particularly as he is looking at an OLD car not a modern one like some here seem to have decided.
  2. Bibs, grow up. Try attacking me for something I've said. I bought an '89 SE and am very happy with it and have said so, but you decide that I think it's a dog because I have the chutzpah to point out it's not the perfect car. Get a life. The question was THE ESPRIT IS PERFECT DISSENT IS NOT TOLERATED EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE! *sigh* Fanboys eh. IIRC the Elise S2 was built on the VX220 production lines, as Lotus at the time couldn't really afford to do anything else. The VX220 was a development of the S1 in that it used the same technology with modifications to make the redu
  3. IIRC the Elise S2 was developed from the VX220 and the Europa was developed from the Elise S2, however the VX220 was based on the Elise so it's hardly something making much of a distinction over, personally I was only having a prod!
  4. Tsk, it's a Lotus-based-VX220-based Europa ;-)
  5. Blimey, quite a few people seem to be forgetting that the OP was talking about a 1988 car, not one of the later cars, which I had said are a much better prospect reliability-wise as they're much better made. It would be nice if people would read what I write before trying to shoot holes in me. As for posts not being voted down, there are scoring buttons on the posts and at least one of my posts was voted down. Given that the OP didn't state what he was going to use the car for, assuming he's going to use his 21-year-old prospective purchase just for jollies isn't safe, and as I drive unusua
  6. That's a pleasure trip, my reading of his post was that he's got an Elise that he's using regularly but for longer trips he wants a more comfortable car and is considering an Esprit. This is similar to my position, in that I have no "normal" cars, just two Lotuses, a 1973 Army truck and a very agricultural Defender. If I had to go on a business trip of 400 miles, I'd take the Elise, not the Esprit, or the Defender, or the army truck, as the Esprit, the Defender and the truck are much more likely to be more costly and cause me more trouble than the Elise. This despite my Elise being older an
  7. Does that make it more reliable, cheaper to run and as practical as a more modern Lotus? Also that kind of use is hardly remarkable!
  8. Doing high miles in an old Esprit isn't going to be easy on the wallet, doing high miles in any 20 year old car won't be as cheap as doing it in a much better made more modern car, no amount of voting my posts down is going to change that. Keep the Esprit for the day trips and the Elise for the everyday stuff. A 20 year old car that has done 90k miles has not had a hard life, a car that's going to be used for long trips will have done over 120k in its first 9 years or so, a 20 year old Esprit that had been subjected to that kind of use would have been around the clock twice. My old Audi sta
  9. Saw it again today, driving this time, driver was in his 40s or 50s, and gave me a wave, hello!
  10. Blimey, personally I'd use the Elise for the longer trips as you've got more chance of arriving, the Esprits before about 1993 or thereabouts weren't terribly well made, and that one is over 20 years old now unlike the S2 Elise. When pulling mine apart I was amazed at how bad the build quality is, it's slightly worse than my Land Rover Defender. As for problems, anything that can fall off probably will, in my case that included the gearstick coming off in my hand while changing gear as the pinch bolt had rattled loose! The later cars are much better I'm told.
  11. Hey I've not done it yet, don't give up giving up hope!
  12. Hello Alan, good to see it's still on the road! I'm aiming to get mine to a dealer by the end of the year to finish it, as I'm never going to do it at this rate.. In the meantime the Elise is doing good service.
  13. I used to be an Elise snob so can't criticise too much.. They are very different cars to the Esprit, if someone wants what an Esprit has then the Elise won't satisfy them, but the Elise has things the Esprit hasn't got, so which one you go for depends on what you want. I want both of them, however the Elise is the easier car to live with, less eye-catching and so more practical for parking without attracting unwanted attention, much more economical and doesn't cost so much to maintain. The Esprit however is more of an occasion, a rare treat, rather than a daily blast. Personally I think
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