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  1. Hi All, I know of some V8 that have snapped the 5th gear of, but I donot know one single 4-Cylinder that actually did the same ... even the highest modified ones donot break 5th gear ... Is there anybody who knows a 4-Cylinder who has broken the 5th gear ??? IMHO, its the low down torque that weakens the primary shaft 5th gear overhang over time ... and its only the V8 that can deliver that much torque low down ... additionally the V8 has a longer 5th gear than the 4-cylinder Esprits what makes the whole thing even more problematic ... IMHO, all 4-cylinder owners are pretty much safe here ... Cheers Marcus
  2. Hi Olaf, Here is my personal advice for the 4-Cylinder ... - best place for the injector is the MAT-thread - relocate the MAT-sensor into the square plenum (where the boost gauge hose connector used to be) - place the rerservoir above the pump ! (if you like you may use the windshield washer reservoir ! This is very clever and already has a low level light !) - NEVER place the reservoir obove (= higher) than the injector !!!!! This is VERY important, because the water may run via graviatation by itself into the engine !!! You can imagine what will happen when you want to start the engine -> hydraulic lock ... huchhhhhhhhhh Marcus
  3. Sky, Are you 100% sure that you did not mix up the inlet/outlet ports of the c/cooler pump. I remember one scenario that was very sililar and it turned out that the port have been mixed up (swapped) by mistake. The port at the bottom should feed the c/cooler and the port at the top of the pump draws coolant from the radiator and is also connected (T-ed) with the small reservoir. If both connections are swapped by mistake you will pressurize the small reservoir and you may loose coolant through the overflow pipe. The pressure will rise with rpm ... you see the pattern ? Result is missing coolant and very low efficiency of the whole system (= faily hot c/cooler). Marcus
  4. Hi Ameer, I sent you a PM ... Yes, the S4S has a different turbo ... compared to the ones in the SE,S4 or GT3 it has a larger compressor wheel ... Marcus
  5. Hi All, Hi Bibs, JFYI the impellor is produced by a company that usually produces PU and rubber components for the food industry, but its not a standard of the shelf part at all. It is produced custom made only for the Esprit application. There have been drawings and prototypes before and it was also made sure that it holds up in very hot coolant environment. Marcus
  6. Hi All, I personally feel quite uncomfortable about what was going on in the end of this topic "Electric Chargecooler Pump vs uprated impellor": 1. IMHO the CEO (Bibs) of a forum like this should not be too biased, I think its essential for this position to be as neutral and tolerant as possible ... 2. Simply closing a thread like he did after posting his own words is pure dictation IMHO ! I feel nobody should use the given power in a wrong and biased way ... Sorry Bibs, but I feel that you have done something here that was not right. Marcus PS: I hope you are not simply deleting this topic now, or moving it somewhere where nobody will find it, please dont misuse the power you have.
  7. I asked two official Lotus dealers here and they did not confirm that ! They told me that they strictly stick to Blue (Castrol) antifreeze, because there is no written advise in the workshop manual updates that recommends OAT for the Esprit. They also share the same point of view that OAT may make trouble if put in older cars ... they also told me (I didnt know that) that OAT was introduced not because its better, its just not that bad for the health and the environment. Looks the same like the R12 -> R134 thing ... R134 also is not better ... actually its worse. BTW, can you remember the water pump trouble VW cars had when they put in OAT ? Because of that they had to switch from plastic pumps back to aluminium pumps again ... that was back in the 90th. In the end its a philosophy ... everybody has its own. Marcus
  8. Hi All, Hi Bibs, We have discussed this OAT-eats-impellor-thing with the manufacturer yesterday. He told us that it probably will be possible to make it OAT resistant ... but what comes next ? In the end we have decided that we will not change the impellors, because we and the manufacturer cannot tell for sure if this works with all OATs and all future upcoming formulas ... We know that it is perfectly resistant against good blue Castrol Antifreeze and that is also what is recommended by Lotus. I would like to add your own words here Bibs (you wrote that in the gearbox oil thread): "Castrol TAF-X is ideal, it does the job and works perfectly, there is no need to choose another lubricant" Just swap the TAF-X with Antifreeze and the word lubricant with coolant. Cheers Marcus
  9. Charlie, Sorry to say that ... but I bet that you snapped your main-shaft-5th-gear-overhang. Its quite a typical failure ... may happen. Usually it happens on the Autobahn at high speed when you lift the throttle to 0% and then put your foot down again to 100% within 1-3 seconds. Its easy to verify. Just remove the rear gearbox covver and have a look. You will see that 5th gear came lose (= the shaft snapped and the gear is still attached to the fragment). Time to remove the gearbox and rebuild it. Marcus
  10. Arent the rollers/dynos just another substitude for real life .... ... jokes aside ... the Esprit actually is one of those cars that "donot like" rollers/dynos. If you do it, please do in wintertime and choose one with a HUGE cooling fan. Otherwise you will simulate something that has nothing to do with real life on the road ... Cheers Marcus
  11. Hi Derek, No problem ... if you like, just send me a PM. Cheers Marcus
  12. Jonathan, This is very strange, because in closed loop the A/F will stay strictly to lambda 1 (= 14,7) and this is a quite lean mixture that is not suited for higher power and higher boost. All the 4-cylinder ECM equipped cars (MY 88+) and also the V8 leave closed loop when on full TPS/boost ... thats why people get the well known fairly rich mixtures (down to A/F 10:1) when they do dyno runs. Hmmmmmm ... Cheers Marcus
  13. Hi All, Hi Jonathan, The ECU should leave closed loop (= goes into open loop fuelling mode) when TPS is greater 95%. This is true for bone stock chip/programs and also chip #3-#6. Cheers Marcus
  14. Hi Jonathan, Hi All, Yes, you are right. With #3 and higher the soleniod is vented 100% at low rpm to get quickest possible spool up times. This is common practice and if you look at the factory S300-tables its done there the very same way from factory. I dont think doing this is wrong ... if it would not be like this, I'm sure people would complain and point out that our chips are not programmed properly. IMHO, a good turbo will not have any problems there. Yes, c/cooling is always a very important factor. The cooler, the better, especially on hot days. Of course, MAT will rise at high boost and with sustained high boost (whenever you can do that more than a couple seconds !) it will rise to a stationary level, in theory. This depends mainly on ambient temp, boost level, turbo-efficiency and c/cooler efficiency ... But, I'm sure you will not be able to experience this stationary level ... maybe on an air-field or a salt-lake its possible. But, you are right, the better the c/cooler efficiency, the better the overall performance, of course. Cheers Marcus
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