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  1. Hi Alex, Does that mean that it falls apart in its basic elements sooner or later like any other object here on earth ... hmmmmmmmmmm ... its not stable This all makes me a bit depressive ... but I feel this is nature ... Every element/object/compund wants to settle on a level of the least (chemical or physikal) energy. Marcus
  2. Bibs, I use Castrol antifreeze , its blue (BTW, according to the manual you should use that ! .... not Halfords whatever ... ) The impellor on my 90SE is still yellow and looks like on its first day ... its there for 6 years now ... and believe it or not, it has not turned into blue or green ;o) Bibs, there is something evil going on in your Esprits c/cooler system , honestly ... You have to find out what it is ... its not funny ! ... maybe some very dark forces ... Cheers Marcus
  3. Hi All, I see that the impellor on the picture is completely destroyed ... Bibs, are you sure it is one from us ??? The one on your pic is red and the imepllors we have are plain yellow ... and we never had any other color than yellow ! I've never seen something like this happening to a PU (= Polyurethane) impellor. Could you please tell me what you were doing with it ? ... maybe a barbecue ? And could you please tell me where the red colour comes from ... ? Cheers Marcus
  4. Hi Malc, Yeah, I hit the nail ... I was 100% sure because I put in one of these into my MG ZR (also has the Rover K-engine) a few weeks ago ... and it looked exactly like the one you got !!! Cheers Marcus
  5. Malc, You definitely, simply received the wrong sensor. The 4-Cyl. and also the V8-sensors have the rectangular plug !!!! Actually both are the same !!! They simply sent you something wrong ... (This inline thing looks very much Elise-Rover-K-engine-like to me ...) Cheers Marcus
  6. Hi Vince, Great to see that you still have the copies that I made for you from the manuals .... BM
  7. Bob, No code will appear if it is disconnected ... I'm sure you did not feel a change, because there is only a difference in the warmup period and also if things get too hot there (= overheating gearbox oil). I feel that it was introduced in the MY98 as an additional safety feature attempt to protect the (infamous) fragile gearbox. Cheers Marcus
  8. Hi Steve, If you like to get a straight replacement inclusive bells/center-sections for your discs, we have them for Euro 1075,- per pair complete. Quality is the very same or maybe slightly better (because of more holes and more meat 320x32mm) than stock. *Clicky* Cheers Marcus
  9. Hi All, Yes, the oil temp sensor is a very fragile unit (BTW, you will only find it in MY98+ V8 Esprits). Yes, it does serve a purpose ... actually its data is fed into the ECU and is "mixed" mith the data coming from the coolant-sensor and also with MAT-sensor-data ! To proof this, you can try to unplug this oil-temp-sensor and bridge the 2-contacts with a resistor (50-100 Ohm) and then look at the OBD2-data for MAT and coolant-temp. You will see that BOTH numbers are instantly changeing ! This means that the sensor actually makes sense. Its data is used for the warmup period and al
  10. Hans, We also do carry RC injectors ! ... Cheers Marcus
  11. Chris, hmmmmmmm .... must be chip #6 then .... just kidding. Have you ever checked the ignition module ? Does it idle at 1013 rpm (like it is supposed to do with chip #6) ? Another point could be a slightly odd O2-sensor ! What about fuel quality ? Another point ... a minor parasitic air leak in the manifold (this is very likely due to a leaking vacuum/pressure line -> have a look at the hoses/pises and the rubber elbows) is also very disturbing regarding the idle ... Believe me, if everything is 100% fine it will idle very very well ... ok compared to a Honda or Toyota i
  12. Hi All, About the Esprit 4-Cyl. turbo's idle abitilies in general ... I've seen a few that are idleing horrible ... and (like most of them) the idle is OK, however somewhat lumpy ... BUT, its not part of the design to be lumpy ... the Esprit 4-Cyl. turbo engine is able to idle very smooth end even, like a purring cat ... believe me ! The problem why some idle more or less horrible lies in the following parts: - spark plugs (if they are not too good idle will be afftected) - HT-leads (renewing the HT-leads can make your idle significantly better) - primary injectors (most of the
  13. Hi Mike, Sorry for my late reply. Yes, your V8 has the standard ECU with the restricted lower gears (unless it was already modified before) The High Torque program does not increase max boost overall. Absolute max. will be the same around 0,75 bar. It actually reduces the boost restrictions in the lower gears. Of course this will give very noticable more torque/grunt in lower gears with lower rpm. Here you can see how the standard ECU manages boost through the gears: And this is the result with the High-Torque ECU installed: You see the restrictions in 2nd, 3rd, 4th
  14. Hi Chris, The cheap turbos you can get from Ebay are most likely "chinese fake junk" ... these turbos are well known for not being well made. Poor material, poor balancing, resulting in inadequate performance and very short lifetime ... Additionally non of these cheap turbos have the correct downpipe connector for the Esprit. What we need for the Esprit is a conical connector with 3 threaded studs. This version actually is quite rare and special. Yes your MY88 has a T3, however there are many many different T3 versions. Cheers Marcus
  15. Hmmmm ... now I definitely know, that it is a great habbit to at least take out the ECM-fuse and disconnect the battery, when I leave it at the paint- or body-shop.
  16. Hi All, An electric pump will not increase cooling efficiency of the whole setup. The overall cooling effect is only dependent on both radiator and cooler efficiency. It does not make any difference if the pump is pumping more or less volume/time ! IMHO its some kind of fairy tale that the elctric pump will give lower temps. What it actually does is the fact that you eliminate the impellor failures and the original look of the whole engine bay. Cheers Marcus
  17. Allen, Why would you need a V8 badge ??? The 1990 Esprit definitely should have a 4-Cyl. engine ... shouldn't it ? Marcus
  18. Hi Alex, this is an (old) PUK chip #10 Version 1. Maybe you should update this one to a newer version. Look: There is a discounted update program for owners who already own an old/previous/different chip. Cheers Marcus
  19. Hi Toby, You might be wrong, unless the British are totally different ... Here we already have that Euro 2,5k trade bonus for a couple months and there was and still is a huge run on small cars ... I can tell you, the dealers are sold out ... VW, OPEL and FIAT have 7-8 months delivery time now on their small models, only due to that program. Cheers Marcus
  20. Hi, Oh yes, you can easily see that they used the standard turbine and married this with a bigger compressor wheel. And additionally they clipped the turbine wheel. you can see that there is someting removed at the edges. This is not necessarily a bad thing, its just about what you are wanting to get. What you have now is a higher flowing system at higher rpms - and a less efficient system at lower rpms ! The clipped turbine produces less backpressure (especially at high rpms) BUT as a downside it will be less responsive at lower rpms. ---> more lag ! If they had not clipped the
  21. Hi, This actually looks like you are in the limp-home-mode .... I would suspect that the O2-sensor is faulty and/or the MemCal or Chip is faulty ... What you are experiencing is the fact that the very first seconds up to one minute the engine is running on fixed tables and is not using the sensors/ECM (= open loop mode). Once the engine gets warm it will switch into closed loop mode and thats exactly when yours is not behaving well ... Please check your O2-sensor (and wiring) and please check if your ECU/MemCal is doing fine. Cheers Marcus
  22. Hi, the Lotus Red ECU (that was sold in Europe) does not support the EGR and also does not support the Air Injection System. Therfore you donot need all this (useless) stuff around your engine. Just remove it end blank the ports. Cheers Marcus
  23. Toby, heeeeeeee ??? ... mechanical charge cooler ????? ..... hmmmmmmm ... definitely gone mad ! ;o)
  24. You see Felix, Its great to have a daughter and a workshop manual handy Cheers Marcus
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