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  1. Hi Danny, The stock ceramic cat is quite restrictive. Unfortunately , thats the price for a very efficient exhaust gas cleaning ... From the looks its something around 600 cells/sqi ... IMHO, the most environment friendly and most elegant way to lower the restiction is to install a high flow metal cat along with a high flow exhaust. And of course, you should get rid of that infamous EBPV (= valve between cat pipe and exhaust) ... I personally love the Larini metal cat and the Larini sports exhaust. Both are very high flow and additionally it produces a very pleasant sound (not too lo
  2. Dawn, get the manual and learn it by heart ... honestly, I'm serious, you wont get around all the technics and problems without the proper workshop manual. Dont get me wrong ... but in Turkey its even more essential to have all the manuals and at best wrenching by yourself (if you know what your are doing) ... Marcus
  3. Hi Mike, Landsberg !!!!???? ..... huchhhhhhhhhhh thats only half an hour away from me !!!! When can we meet ? Next Friday is Lotus meeting (= "Stammtisch") Bavaria in Maisach, thats near F
  4. Hi All, Usually all the clutch parts are pretty well reusable besides the friction disks. These friction discs are available from stock as single spare parts (they came as a pair) Have a look at the flywheel surface, the pressure-plate surface, the diaphragma spring and the splines. Have everything cleaned properly and dont forget to lubricate the spline. If everything is fine, just get the two new friction discs (around Euro 690,-) and you will be fine Cheers Marcus
  5. Definitely a lot of porkies .... ... no 400 HP ... no 24 valves ... Ok the number of cylinders is correct ... But this is quite commen ... if you look carefully at auctions, exhibitions, museums ... you will find these type of porkies all arround ... all over the place ... Marcus
  6. Are you going to the "Ring" ?????? B)
  7. Hi Danny, Its quite the opposite ... the switch is loose or has fallen off or has come loose out of its (crap) plastic bajonet-holder ... this causes the brake lights to stay on and the ABS-light to come on as well. Make sure the (crap) Ford-switch is relocated properly again (its just above the brake pedal) and you will be fine again .... Cheers Marcus
  8. Hi scott, Could you take a picture of the ECU and send it to me ... I'm also curious what this is ;o) Cheers Marcus
  9. Yes, it comes up a lot and IMHO gets a bit overrated ....
  10. Oh yes, thats definitely a 2.0 litre engine ... ... I'm not sure if you were looking for something like that .... JFYI, for the Italian, Greek and Turkish market they actually did 2.0 litre S4S Esprits from factory.
  11. Hello Pekka, The very first action you should do is reading out the fault codes(s). You have two alternative ways to do this: 1. The blinking light counting method (see workshop manual Section EMH.1 page 9) or 2. Tech 1 or Freescan Once you know the codes, just tell us. Cheers Marcus
  12. Hi Owen, Sorry, but this does not sound normal to me ... are you sure you donot have a lazy turbo ? Cheers Marcus
  13. Hi Graham, IMHO you should stay away from the S4S clutch. First it is very expensive, second you have to change the flywheel or at least you have to drill new holes and threads, third the S4S clutch is very heavy and unpleasant to operate, fourth the S4S clutch is known for not holding up too well ... IMHO the original S4S clutch is not a very good one, indeed. Cheers Marcus
  14. Hi Jonathan, If you like I can tailor your chip like you wish ... maybe something with a bit more boost in low and midrange and almost stock max. boost around 1 bar at high rpms ... The standard GT3 boost curve is a bit "anemic" in lower rpm, starting to rise at 5600rpm and ending with 1.1 bar at 7200 rpm. Cheers Marcus
  15. Hi Chandra, Your problem is not a problem IMHO. The throttle jack actually is operated by vacuum (its a simple ON/OFF logic). You just have to adjust the "proper" Jack-ON-idle rpm. This is done by moving the rod (you have to loosen the grub screw) I usually set it to ~1800rpm. I know Lotus sets it around 2500rpm from factory, what I personally dislike, because its too high for a cold engine IMHO. Good luck Marcus
  16. Hi Graham, Im not sure if your 3k-stumble actually is the same 3k-stumble like almost all 4-Cylinder Esprits do have. If it is, then it has two possible causes I know of so far ... 1. The base stock code is actually doing this, because of a bit too lean fuelling in this 3k area (= the efficiency tables are a bit too lean in this region). Solution: There is an improved base code available. You should get this one. 2. The standard/stock/old primary fuel injectors also have problems in this region. We found this, because cars that have had very noticable 3k-stumble did not do this anymore
  17. Dave, You cannot measure the pressure of both turbos individually, because both are working simultaneously on a shared plenum and furthermore the controlling is also done in a shared way (= one pressure line controls both turbos). BTW, this is the reason why it is necessary to adjust both wastegate-capsules VERY accurately ! IMHO the induction/whosh noise you are hearing during high load/boost gear changes seems to be normal. If you happen to use high flow air filters it will even become more prominent ... The left side exhaust sound could be a loose or cracked heat shield or you may ha
  18. Hi Paul, There is an AC pipe in the footwell. This pipe usually is insulated with black tar-like stuff that should prevent condensation in this location. Please have a look. Maybe the insulation on your car is not proper any more ... Cheers Marcus
  19. Will, Its that simple ... its just has not learnt to idle properly with the A/C ON. Switch your A/C ON for the next couple runs ... of course there has to be some idling inbetween the runs ;o) and you will see that it will learn to idle, also with the A/C ON. BTW, please donot press the throttle to keep it from stalling ! If it stalls, let it do so. Donot push the throttle and restart again. Otherwise it wont learn either ... Cheers Marcus
  20. Graham, This is definitely too much. Usually a good 2,2 litre 4-Cylinder engine will throw a couple (usually 5-10) knocks on startup and maybe one or two on very hard acceleration. Most engines even dont do any knocking when running, just some on startup. You should investigate this ... Cheers Marcus
  21. Hi All, 200 compared to 300 is too much, indeed. When my V8 had a leaking secondary injector (= inner O-ring was partially split/cracked) I also experienced about 30% increase in fuel consumption. Maybe its worth having a look. Its a very easy task, just takes a couple minutes to have that checked out. Another possibility would be a faulty O2-sensor (= usual suspects ;o) Check that out with an OBD-2 device. have a look at all 4 sensors. Both pre-cat ones should give a regular swing between around 0.1-0.9 Volts. The post cat sensors also should give this swing, but with way less amplitu
  22. Hi Andy, Dont worry about the ECU itself. The ECU box is always the very same. What is different is the Mem-Cal chip. I cannot tell if the ANJL is the correct one for a 2.2 L engine, because I have never come across these 4 figures. If you like, you may just send the Mem-Cal to me and I can read it out and then I can tell you for sure what program you have in there new. Of course a 2,0 litre code will run with a 2,2 litre engine, but not 100% right ... you should defintely have that checked out ! Cheers Marcus
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