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  1. The time has come to say goodbye! Any takers?
  2. Why are women like a Tornado? Because when they come they make a hell of a racket. When they leave they take your house!
  3. I disconnected the fuel hose at the carbs and the pump was pumping fine. Reconnected the hose and it seems to have sorted itself out. No sign's of contamination in the fuel filter or jar i collected the fuel in. Could have been an airlock?
  4. I think my pumps dead. R.I.P It's got the ticking ok but there's no fuel getting to the carbs. The pumps not that old having only pumped a couple of thousand miles of fuel. Having read some other threads i see that these can be prone to failure quite early and they only come with a years warranty which is nice Im a bit pissed because she was booked in for an MOT today now ive got to fork out about seventy sheets just to get her there!
  5. catty s2

    Yellow V8

    I was sat at the front on a National Express coach and just as i woke up from a pleasant afternoon snooze guess what was driving towards us.
  6. Remember that metal can expand when heated so it will only get tighter.
  7. Cheers Kimbers! Laughed my tits off.
  8. If your going to take the tank out i would personally replace it with an ally one, then you can forget about it.
  9. Thing is i checked the service records last night and see that all the hoses were changed in 2004. Less than 2500 miles! I've cut back the outer rubber to see exactly where it has failed, it's at the end of the alloy pipe. This is all a bit worrying.
  10. I had just returned home from a nice drive in the sunshine yesterday. I left the S2 ticking over whilst i opened the gate, as i walked over to it BANG! A huge wave of coolant exploded inside the engine bay without warning sending it everywhere! Turned off the engine, lifted the door and when the steam had cleared i could see that the hose running from the thermostat housing to the alloy pipe had literally been blown apart completely! Why? I had no signs of any leaks or loss of pressure. The coolant temp and level was correct. Im just bemused how a hose could just give up like that. Has anyone else had this happen to them? I guess im lucky that it decided to blow right outside my gate and not 5 minutes earlier or it would have been a recovery moment :crybaby: A new hose will be on order. Are there any uprated hoses available anyone would recommend? Would it be a good idea to flush the system before the refill, incase of any debris in the system? Dave.
  11. Anything French! Except this I think she is anyway.
  12. Simon. I had a similar problem last year. I was running low on fuel on my way home and she cut out. I walked to a garage got some fuel topped her up but she still would'nt start. The pump was priming, there was fuel in the filter. I thought maybe a bid piece of crap from the bottom of the tank may have blocked the fuel line up. I did manage to get her going but she run like shite for a few hundred yards then cut out again. I had to get the RAC out as it was getting late and dark. Later i discovered it was a loose connection on the condensor earth thats screwed to the distributor base causing the problem! I bought a new condensor to make sure it was ok and put a self tapper in there so it would'nt happen again. I guess there must have been a loose connection there and the jerking from the car as she run dry caused it to fail. It's been perfectly fine since and i allways make sure she's got fuel in her now!!
  13. There's a product which i use in my work in the Aerospace industry called Alocrome. This stuff is top notch and should never allow surface corrosion to take hold. It can be applied by brush or better still put into a spray can. It will stain your ally yellow but it's perfectly ok to paint over it. It's better than any other off the shelf products ive used in the past. Remember to use gloves and a mask when applying and make sure all the surfaces are free from grease.
  14. Im looking to cover over a 6 inch square section to the left of the instrument pod. It's been cut out of the dash 'gutted' by a previous owner to make way for a custom pod to hold a heater unit, which has now been binned, and relocated fuses. Really it should be repaired and the whole dash retrimmed but for now i will just cover it over with a piece of board with the fuses attached underneath and then have a look at retrimming the whole lot, and dye all of the leather to match. I'll get a photo up together later.
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