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  1. Check the marking on the flywheel. It is behind a rubber cover on the TOP right side of the bell housing. A second best option is the small notch on the crankshaft pulley. Cylinder 1 is in TDC firing when the dimples on the camshaft pulleys are pointing to each other.
  2. Here you have a servicemanual for the Sanden compressors SD_Service_Guide_Rev.2.pdf
  3. Due to R134 and R12 being different gasses you need to change "some" parts which are suitable for R134a all hoses receiver drier and prussure switch thermal expansion valve, with one adaptor to fit the valve to the evaporator. New tartape in order to repack the new expansion valve. Flush condensor (getting rid of R12 Oil) Compressor, I fitted an SD514 add 2 service ports to the hoses As the connections on the new sanden compressor where radialy mounted you need 2 "short" 90 deg hoseconnectors Fill the system with R134a and maybe some additional oil (usually there is an amount of oil in the new compressor) It cools the cabin more than OK, but I have no camparison against a working R12 system. (In my opinion the glass sunroof also does marvels for putting heat into the cabin) Big job but doable, hardest part is removing / routing the hoses through the sill cover (just remove it and refit) and under the fueltank.
  4. The AC compressor can be fitted after the engine is installed. In fact you can take out the engine leaving the AC compressor in the engine bay with the AC hoses connected. I did it myself a couple of years back when I converted the non working R12 system into a R134a system.
  5. Yep I got them, picked them up last sunday at the post office dropoff point. Forgot to post it here, but i send a message to A(ira)lex. Now I need time to fit them 🤔 and make some blanks for the ABS holes. (or fit a couple of old ABS sensors and blank of the electrical plugs).
  6. Just measured on my 1990 SE, the stripe is 3 mm in width.
  7. Speedy Cables | Automotive Instrument Repair - Mechanical Cables
  8. I saw this Esprit V8 at the Audi Regiosprint 2023 yesterday.
  9. Be careful with swapping relais. The brown one has a "protection" resistor build in across the coil which kills the inductive voltage created when the coil is switched off and thus protection the driving circuit against the high inductive voltages.
  10. I got an email from Alex (Aira) that the uprights are finished and ready for shipping. 😃
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