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  1. I have the pre Brembo rear brakes on my 1990 SE and would like to upgrade them to Brembo ones. So the question is do they fit in the standard 16" SE wheels.
  2. some more info
  3. The above table is actually the base DutyCycle table (without corrections) for the PWM operated boost solenoid. There is another table in de ECU which defines the maximum allowable boost/MAP which is only dependant on the engine RPM. For my SE this is 186 kPa (absolute) until 5600 RPM, above 5600 RPM it is 182.9 kPa absolute. This table in conjunction with the actual MAP is used to "calculate" DutyCycle correction values which are applied to the base Boost DC table (these values are also stored in the ECU memory). Some more corrections are added/subtracted on the Boost DC. (baro, Knock, Overboost).
  4. Was it a straight swap? Original springs or...............?
  5. with the right conversions they should be (almost due to tolerances etc) the same. The freescan values you posted look correct, ie no problem with the sensors. You can double check with the espritmon software, it will give you the right (correct conversions) values.
  6. Use espritmon. The conversions in freescan for baro and map are wrong.
  7. Niks mis met de uitspraak. I like your description.
  8. My SE passed it's APK (MOT) inspection today after being of the road for a very looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time.
  9. In the end I "closed" the problem. The small ridge on the outer cirumfence of the thermostat sits a bit higher than the flange of the waterpump. The gasket material I used after making a template in my PCB software is made by Elring. I used ther Abil N gasket material with a thickness of 1 mm. The compressibilty of this material is bit higher than standard thin material. As for the template I used the following dimensions of the holes / distances: Mounting Holes Dia: 8.5 mm Thermostat Hole Dia: 52 mm Hole Center to center distance: 36.5 mm (all three holes are inline) The thermostat hole ended up about 0.5 mm smaller when I made the gasket. I didn't have a bigger piece of brass round stock which I used to cut along with a sharp knife.
  10. The "learning" of the ECU willl not be affected if you hook up the ALDL inteface with Freescan/Espritmon for monitoring. Just don't reset anything with the software (BLM/Error Codes/Idle Air Controller). Freescan or Espritmon are great tools for showing what is going on in the ECU / Car.
  11. Something learned again, Just did another test with the same type of automotive (Hella) relay but with a build in diode. The picture says it all.
  12. I'm sorry Andy I didn't want to offend you or question your knowledge, I just wanted to give some honest (based on experience) advice. Just out of curiosity I did a test with a 12 V relay (pulled one from my SE).
  13. The inductive voltage created by the coil of the relays can be much higher than 50V which will kill the diode.
  14. go for a 1N4007 as it is rated to 1000 V instead of the 50V for the 1N4001
  15. Thanks Derek, I guess my problem is the small ridge on the outer cirumfence of the thermostat, this needs to be compensated for by the gasket, a thicker gasket sounds much better.
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