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  1. Have you checked the sender unit in the tank? If it is similar to the one in an SE it is easy to check. Disconnect the the plug on top of the tank and use a potentiometer (variable resistor) connected to the connector. Observe the gauge as you turn the potentiometer (vary the resistance). If the gauge works it is the sender at fault. Use a potentiometer in the 200 Ohm range (I might be wrong) (a standard value is 270 Ohms).
  2. Hi Bibs, It looks like my account is basic again since yesterday instead of FFM. I guess a random bit is fallen over. Can you fix it?
  3. How about this one? A Hella Time relay (switch off delay) 996 152-131/
  4. The SE also has an RPM relay. A lot of generic Serial USB converters don't like (will not work) with the 8192 ALDL baudrate despite the registery "hacks". A long time ago I bought an PCMCIA serial interface (more expensive) which works like a dream with the odd 8192 baudrate. FYI if you use freescan (if you get the interface to work) it shows the right 26A and 26B errors but the descripstion are swapped. Espritmon is the way to go.
  5. Hi Bibs, On the 15th of Jan. the automatic payment for TLF went through, however I'm still not "Green". I just checked the PayPal payment and I think the amount is not correct. How can I rectify this and become Green again?
  6. In general silicone hoses are not fuel resistant. If you renew the hoses for the purge cannister system use some good quality fuel hose. For the vacuum system you can use silicone hoses.
  7. maybe an alternative ??
  8. fjmuurling


    @Sparky Do you favor one of these? @andydclements It is the saline notes that make it different.
  9. fjmuurling


    Something different. And add a bit of "Zeekraal" (Salicornia) in the glass.
  10. Have you looked at spal blowers / fans? Maybe they have something that fits? Sizes etc are in their catalogue.
  11. That's what I fitted in my SE. The Seal is 48 x 62 x 7 mm with a dustlip. For the fitting of the new bearing cups I turned the OD of 2 old cups down on my lathe, so they can be used as a tool for pressing in the new cups.
  12. No voltage stabilizer and all other gauges work normal.
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