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  1. The owner doesn't know where his/her car is?????? 😵 Stolen??????
  2. Thx Ian, it is not in Service Notes for the SE but I found it in the S4 manual. (forgot about that).
  3. Anybody know the toe angle change per mm shim alteration? I want to take out the guess work as much as possible. According my calculations 1 mm shim alteration equals about 0.1 deg toe angle change.
  4. The primary injectors are Peak and Hold injectors ie a larger current is used for opening and after reaching the opening current the ECU (which measures the injectorpai current) throttles the current back. As the injectors are paired (1&4 and 2&3) the current through an injector pair is evenly distibuted between the 2 injectors if they are of equal resistance. If not then one injector gets more current then the other causing different opening times or not (fully) opening of an injector.
  5. It does not happen in my esprit (mechanical ODO) It is more like a suggestion. The picture above and the posting that when it works it displays the right numbers and my experience with similar failures on LCD displays make a strong case with failing contacts. The LCD displays in general are connected to the PCB by solder contacts or by means of rubber conductive strips which are clamped between the display and the PCB. Fixing the bad solderjoints is not so difficult. If the display uses the "strips" one has to remove in general a (brittle) plastic holder and then the contact points on the pcb can be cleaned with IPA. Another problem that can occur is that the plastic holder for the display is a little bit out of shape and does not apply evenly distibuted pressure / force along the row(s) of contacts. In both cases you have to open the speedo
  6. For my SE Pink for the LH mounting Blue for the RH mounting
  7. In addition to the Lotus manual. Bendix Overhaul ex Matra club.pdf
  8. In the AC request circuit there is also a low pressure switch. If the switch behaves erratically (due to faulty switch (connections) or just enough pressure in the system) the AC will be switched ON - OFF - On etc (there is some debounce in the software of the ECU). This can explain the erratic behaviour of the Idle speed, as the ECU wants to set the idle speed for when the AC is ON / OFF
  9. The amount of fluid which has to travel trough the pipe is only dictated by the bore of the master cylinder and the (pedal) stroke. and is independent of the volume of the pipe. A smaller pipe is a little more restrictive flow wise. Why not just make up a mockup (won't brake the bank) and see if it works?
  10. Hi Tom, @tomcattom You could have used the already present oil temp sensor on the left side of the oil gallery cover just under the turbo oil feed line, with the benefit of it sitting in the oil flow.
  11. 😪😡 I have to work that day. Maybe I can find somebody who wants to swap / exchange that day. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  12. A red hot resistorwire is not good ( except in heaters). I would check the current through the resistor, and measure the voltage across the resistor and the at the coil. If they are right then the wattage of the resistor is too low. If not then somethings else is not right
  13. MAP Sensor has a range of 0 - 2 bar. Baro sensor has a range of 0 - 1 bar with a piece of foam over the inlet port. From the outside they look the same (except for the foam piece)
  14. Just curious, (maybe @mike_sekinger knows) but are these dimensionwise the same as for a 1990 SE. (I know there are some extra holes for the ABS sensors and the webbing is a bit "wider" to accomodate the hole for the handbrake cable. More numbers means price reduction? Where is the sweet spot?
  15. Hi Sparky, If you take of the hubs, can you let me know the thickness off the seal? The dimensions are 48 - 62 - ( 7 or 8 ) mm (should be printed on the seal) I know what I took out of mine but I'm not sure it is the right thickness.
  16. The new pot/switch will have 5 connections, 3 for the pot and 2 for the switch. remove the old pot part from the PCB and fit the new one onto the pcb with the 3 connections. The 2 wires you have to connect to the 2 connections on the switch part.
  17. The one LOTUSMAN33 mentioned is a potentiometer with a switch. Part of the missing part of the potentiometer is still attached onto the PCB marked VR. Just try a 10 KOhm potentiometer with a switch (lineair) should be easily available.
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