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  1. Sorry to hear that, I ran espritmon v6.3 yesterday on my homepc (win10) without any problem. I also used it on my older Panasonic "garage" laptop with a PCMCIA serial interface (also win 10) without any problems. It communicated fine with my SE.
  2. Looks very good. Just curious as to why the blanking of the oilpressure sender connection. (moving to different location?)
  3. Did you also weigh / match the piston rings and BE's ? (Sorry could not resist )
  4. The ECU and the Coolant temp. gauge both have their own temperature sensor. For the gauge the sensor is on the forward part of the engine block (waterpump) and is a single wire connection. The ECU uses a sensor on the right side of the engine block, under the inlet manifold and has a 2 wire connector. The ECU controls the rad fans based (mainly) on the coolant temp.
  5. If the wire colors are Black/Brown and Yellow/Brown it is the CTS connector.
  6. EPROM ID Code 0D29 (3369 in decimal) is one of the version Lotus used for the Turbo SE.
  7. AFAIK the primaries should be 370 cc injectors. I fitted PL2-370 RC Injectors in my SE.
  8. Looks very good. Did you modify/correct the Freescan Baro and MAP calculations? As they are wrong in Freescan.
  9. The bearing and the eccenter are an interference / press fit. if the bearing can "slide" freely on the eccenter something is not correct dimensionwise.
  10. On my 1990 SE (VDO gauges) it was a loose/slipping magnet inside the speedo. Had it repaired a looooooooooooooooooooooong time ago (worked perfectly after) but recently it started to bounce again.
  11. Finally I have time to renew the suspension and brakes on my SE. What are the thoughts on using the 2 aft jacking points as a support using axle stands with rubber pads when taking the rear suspension apart?
  12. Looks similar 3-4665/1 -> 1.5-2.5mm2 - Rick Donkers (
  13. Hi Dave @CHANGES, what are the dimensions of the bolt? Looks like to be a M12 8.8 one.
  14. Some creative bending of a couple of paperclip[s (1 for each brush) will make a nice little hook for keeping the brushes in the retracted position when putting it all together. Upon closing of the housing turn the hooks 90 deg and pull them out. And a pair of extra hands is also Handy.
  15. That must be a record only 8 minutes for fixing. 😃
  16. Hi Bibs, renewed my subscription yesterday and I was back in the green. But today I'm black again?. Can you fix / check it? Used the Manage subscription page and payed by PayPal. Many thanks Freek
  17. AFAIK the error 26 codes in Freescan are correct but the descriptions are wrong.
  18. I have one of these, it has the right connector for use with the shraeder valve on the FPR of a 4 cylinder SE.
  19. I agree with you Travis, things will be fine. I knew you used them that's why I have them. The 0.75 ohms decrease in resistance increases the max current with 0.1 A at 16V, which will still be ok. But in general if one fits injectors with a different resistance one should think about modifying the ballast resistor. That said I still have to do mine. (haven't driven the car much with these injectors and most certainly not with the engine the "sweet spot" when the secondairies come to life. ("nice speed limits in Holland")
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