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  1. Hi Mike @mike_sekinger, can you give us an (small) update? I know you are on top of things but nevertheless every snippet of information is welcome.
  2. Hi Grahame, Until know no luck with finding the right paintcode ☹️
  3. Now you have healthy voltages at the back of the car it is time to check voltage on the front and compare them to the voltage on the back. (Also test under load ie lights on). There can be bad connections between the front and the back of the car. (earth straps is one possibility). Compare the readings with what the dash gauge shows. (maybe your dash gauge is OK).
  4. I guess this thread should be split, it started as a radio thread and now we are in the coolant business.
  5. The overflowtank/expansion tank in the left rear is ONLY for the Engine coolant circuit.
  6. The wooden beam was placed under a chassis cross tube, the axle stands are straight under chassis strongpoints, ie there were all the tubues come together on the left and right side. The wooden beam is not touching any fiberglass Jacking up on the rear, one picture says more than.............................
  7. Found this one for sale: Lotus Esprit Turbo SE Highwing | 02-1992 | 63.937 km ( In my neighbourhood. (about 25 km)
  8. This applies also to the SE, AFAIK all Esprits with a GM P4 ECU have this "feature".
  9. An older laptop with a decent small microphone and
  10. This is not correct. Spec is between 100 - 110 Hz Engine at 30° BTDC with the colourd timing dots pointed to each other, they will not be in line. This is for the engine with a HTD (rouded tooth profile) belts. Cambelt Frequentie Lotus info.pdf
  11. Spec is between 110 - 120 Hz not MHz also the crank position is different when using frequency method.
  12. Maybe some usefull info for you in my (old) ac renewal project. (Pics are missing).
  13. Many thanks Keith, I must have done something wrong. However the pics are missing, so if that can be fixed that would be great.
  14. I’m struggling to find a topic with the name AC renewal. It is about an AC renewal / conversion of my 1990 SE. See the link below but it comes up short. ac - renewal Nothing came up with the search function. I hope someone can bring it back / revive.
  15. Disconnect the hoses from the sandwich plate and fill the coolers/hoses from from that end. Keep the open ends as high as possible.
  16. Colormatching should be possible but I like to get them in the original color. I have no clue as how much (if any) the 32 year old silver/grey paint has detoriated from the original color.
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