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  1. On 30/11/2022 at 16:55, MrDangerUS said:

    Esprit S4/ S4s has an interesting feature: with engine not running, when you depress accelerator pedal to the floor you  can crank the engine as long as you want without starting it. In this pedal position, the ignition and injectors are disabled. This feature is advertised as a method to "clear" your flooded engine.

    This applies also to the SE, AFAIK all Esprits with a GM P4 ECU have this "feature". 

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  2. @mike_sekinger as promised, took the wheel off, hope you have enough info with the below pictures. As you can see there is a difference in the sensor, my sensor connector is centered whereas "Tom's" sensor seems to be offset.



    Looks like my sensor is centered in the teardrop footprint. The outside of the connector securing clip (yelow line) is in line with the inside of the web.



    The bottom of the securing clip sits 15 mm above the machined Hub Carrier VSS flat.



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