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  1. I have had a Lotus Esprit S3 for 24 years with 75k miles and it has only let me down on the road twice. The SU pump stopped and the nice RAC man hit it with a hammer and it got me home. The second time the battery went and again a quick squirt of juice go me started and home. Not so bad? My Lotus Elan +2 130/5 was not so good but once problems neglected by the previous owner were fixed, it was pure pleasure to drive.
  2. I had an unusual fault with one of my pods. The magnets which had been glued in by Lucas had come loose! So I just glued them back. Job done!
  3. I had an Elan +2 130/5 before my Esprit S3. So here is a subjective view: Elan pluses: 5 speed gearbox gives quiet motorway cruising but was a bit notchy (internals from Austin Maxi!). Superb handling - great turn in. Better looks from all angles than baby Elan and Esprit Good fuel consumption with Dellortos Aerodynamic - open the window at speed and it is quiet Elan minuses Lotocones! get modern CV half shafts Chassis easily damaged Fragile bell housing on /5 Knock on wheels (one of mine came off!) Water pump failure Feels fragile Esprit S3 For a Lotus fairly uncomplicated Feels solidly made and more planted on the road Performance adequate Solid chassis Road holding Esprit S3 minuses over Elan Luggage capacity and ability to fry luggage Handling - heavy steering Road holding good Wind noise Financial appreciation? Looks super but not a super car
  4. If you look on SJ's website, the glass will be available end of August for £385 + VAT.
  5. balled46

    Oh Dear

    I use mine every 2 weeks year round (as long as it is dry and there is no salt on the roads). So far in 20+ years I have had to call out a rescue service twice. Once for a fuel pump -hit with a big hammer and got me home. Once for a flat battery - restarted and got me home. Touch wood!
  6. Wonky panels are a long Lotus tradition. One door on the original Elan never fitted.
  7. Does the Giugiaro S3 NA have the same problem with the clutch shaft circlip failing as the Turbo? I understand its the tapered bearing on the clutch staff introduced to deal with the extra Turbo torque that causes the problem.
  8. I have had my Esprit S3 for 20 years. I keep it on the road year round. Its only let me down twice. Once with a failed fuel pump - the nice RAC man hit it with a bigger spanner than I did and it got me home. Once with a failed battery- started by another nice RAC man and it got me home. Its on the original engine.
  9. I have an Esprit S3. For the first few miles its 14.5V then it settles at around 14V. If I switch on the radio it drops back a small amount .
  10. Tony K - I bought the Mahle filter from Europarts - I asked for the equivalent to Fram PH4678.
  11. I used Mahle. Youtube filter geeks that took these apart rated them highly. They are also short enough to get in easily.
  12. Steve - where did you source the wiper arm?
  13. If you want a temporary fix, try PTFE tape on the threads. Use the thicker one used for gas pipes.
  14. I needed new gas struts for a Lotus Esprit S3 and bought them from SGS-Engineering. The pair cost with VAT and postage £37.54. They supplied the pin type which are interchangeable with the band type. They also seemed a lot stronger than the two sets I bought previously.
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