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  1. Just back on the scene after a few years out of it. The ESPRITism kits I did a few years back (referred to earlier on) were supposed to be continued by Mike when I sold ESPRITism to his Lotus Bits empire. I guess he never got around to making them? Sorry to those of you who have sent e-mails to me on my long out of date e-mail address. I have switched this back on again now, so I wont miss any more of the mails. Anyway, thinking of making up the kits and offering them again. I need to get the rod ends specially made though, so not cheap (but by far the best on the market). Does anyone have a spare translator assy they are happy to sell? Of course all my stock has gone and I don't even have an Esprit at the moment! Could really use a translator to check out the new bits on.
  2. Much appreciated Andy. Just wanted to check the correct carbs were on it before blaming that for the low power. Probably just need a damn good clean out. Starts perfectly but just rather gutless and rather lean on MOT emissions check.
  3. I must admit part of the cooling circuit was made out of domestic copper water pipes and there maybe a bath plug in their somewhere too. Glad you found the missing screwdriver, I have been using a chisel for the last 8 years.
  4. SO pleased to see FOXY is still alive and well. Would love a reunion some day!
  5. Wow! Thanks guys! Bibs you even managed to re-instate my old profile! Ta. Look forward to catching up on a few missing years soon.
  6. Hi, Can anyone confirm the correct carb numbers for an Excel SE from the metal tabs on the body. I have 5382A and 5381P. Ta
  7. Old timers will remember me as the owner of a wonderful Pacific Blue 1989 SE Turbo and a business called Sadly the car and the business needed to go to fund flights to Japan to visit family. A few things have changed in recent years and I now have inherited my Dads Excel SE since he is no longer able to drive it ( back injury while decorating!). Although I have no where enough time I want to dedicate (and used to dedicate) to the Lotus, I am really excited about having a Lotus again and getting involved with the community again. Hope to catch up with some of you guys I used to see at events and meeting many newer members of the community. Malc
  8. Cheers guys, Set the O2 to about 1.9% and ignition timing to about 10 and there has been a small improvement (was running a bit lean before), but I still think there should be more. I guess the carbs could do with a clean up and re-build after 20 odd years. Starts easy and runs smooth, just a bit gutless. I'll do a carb re-build some time over the winter. I will have more time to lavish on the Excel since the Esprit SE Turbo is going up for sale. Sad but true. Finances will be better in a couple of years time, so maybe I will get another then, though I must admit, I do like the relaxed driving style of the Excel! Malc
  9. Thanks Chris, Your right! Just found the info in the owners manual. However I still could do with the CO spec from the carb setting section in the manual if anyone can help. I managed to sort the headlamp problem, just very slight corrosion on the motor which is now working again after rotating the motor spindle with a pair of pliers for a few turns.
  10. My Dads Excel SE is with me for the weekend to resolve some problems. Front brakes drag RH headlamp not popping up Short of power Front caliper replacement needs no explanation, but I need pdf copies of the workshop manual pages for:- Headlamp and side lamp system circuit diagram Carb settings (for an SE 1989) and CO levels Ignition timings for the above Would anyone be kind enough to e-mail these to me at [email protected]? I used to have workshop manuals for everything, but sold many thinking I would never need them again, that was before this Excel came along! Thanks Malc
  11. OK, I'm an old fart (at 42), but a realist. Come back after 1 year of Esprit ownership as a student and tell me how its all been fun and games and I will buy you several pints. Of course if your flush with cash and not a 'typical' student, anything is possible. I'll still buy you a few pints though.
  12. Get real! Esprit does 20mpg at best and its going to be used as an every day car. Road Tax £210. Insurance, god knows how much for a student! Its going to parties, its going to be parked in dodgy areas, its going to be the victim of jealousy and petty vandalism, its going to be trashed in no time. Its just about the worst possible choice for a student! Has nobody considered how the hell a student can afford a sports car of any kind? I had a bus pass, a bike and a Lada for the last 3 months of my 4 years and even that was way beyond my means. If you love the Esprit you will wait until you an afford to own it without all the risks of student life being thrust upon it. Get a cheap heap and thrash it to bits. Save your Esprit passion until you are in a position to live the dream rather than turn it into a nightmare.
  13. Wow, great to see FOXY is at last getting her new suit that all us PO's promised her over the year but failed to deliver. When I got her, over 10 years ago now, she had been neglected for many years and and ignored in the back of a garage for about 4 years. Did a fairly good fix up job on limited funds and had great fun with the car for a few years, but the cosmetics where always going to be beyond me. Matt too had plenty of fun and high hopes, but had far more bad luck than anyone deserves. At last FOXY is with an owner who is realising all the dreams of the PO's! Cant wait to see her on the street. Well done and keep up the fantasic work!
  14. I was thinking the split would possibly be allowing large amounts of air to flow into the manifold rather than small amounts of fuel vapour as it should be if it where drawn in through the restrictor rather then the down stream split. In summary, I thought it could be leaning the mixture before boost came on.
  15. I Kind of hope Derek is correct, and this is my reason for asking the question. I went to a small car show yesterday and noticed the smell of fuel in the cabin. Breather pipes of course where the normal suspect, so decided to check them all when I got home. Sure enough a couple of big splits and a smaller one. The small one was between the restrictor and canister. All pipes now replaced, and restrictor re-fitted. The split between the restrictor and the canister would have allowed unrestricted amounts of air in and , I kind of hoped, could account for the stumble I get on very low loads, under gentle acceleration before any boost kicks in (after the boost kicks in there is never any problem). My theory is that this unlimited air is flowing into the manifold and messing up the mixture to some degree when there is manifold vacuum present. Unfortunately as soon as I finished the pipe replacement last night the heavens opened, and I wont get a chance to try it again till the weekend. If, by any chance, its improved, it could be a good pointer for many more folks out their who have a similar stumble (I know there are several) and have either not checked the pipe for splits, or replaced the pipe and not noticed the restrictor in the old pipes they have thrown out. Views, opinions? Are my hopes well founded or will I be disappointed come the weekend?
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