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  1. I went to the Tokyo Auto Salon today. Its got much better since I last went in 2003... There where some cars too, but I didnt get much chance to study them... Have a good weekend folks! Malc
  2. Frankly I dont give a damn what car gets me to work in the mornings (I have a Nissan Cube here in Japan!). If its cheap and it does the job then it would leave me with more cash to spend on the car I love, be that an Esprit or a Tata built Defender (I live in hope!). Lets hope Tata bring it to Europe, maybe with some damn big alloys though (like 14"!). By the way Mark, your picture is the Delux version, the entry grade car is even uglier. Malc
  3. You have probably seen the news of Tata's low cost (
  4. I am not 100% sure, but I think there was a pair with all the Espritism parts I handed over to Troys care before I left for Japan in November. Troy, have you got a stock list yet we can publish for these good Esprit folk? Malc Holmes
  5. Before leaving for Japan, all my Espritism stock was moved to Troy at LotusEspritRestorations. The haul included a pair of V8 turbos plus some other bits from a V8. I think Troy still has these. Send Troy a mail, he should be able to help. Malc Holmes
  6. The Hangover is just fading. I hate being 40 already! Cheers guys! Malc
  7. Its lunchtime here in Nippon, and we are soon to head out to see if we can find some form of cooked meat to try and make a UK style Christmas meal (we have no oven and I can't ever remember seeing a Turkey in Japan anyway!). If all else fails we will just enjoy the best selection we can get from the Sashimi & Sushi shop around the corner, we all love a bit of raw fish for Christmas lunch! Christmas eve was great, After leaving work we chilled out at the Onsen, (hot spring), down the road (photo below), then came home and watched some pretty crazy Japanese TV consisting of J-pop, ritual humiliation and of course, raw fish. Wishing you all the best this Christmas and hoping to catch up with you at some point in the New Year. Keep well! Malc, Akemi and Ellis
  8. At last, I have internet connection in Japan! I was drummer in OMD in their golden years, according to Google at least! My other drumming claim to fame was that I had a brief holiday romance with the daughter of the drummer of the Shaddows, back in 1983. Her name was Georgia, can't remember what her dad was called though ! We will all have a claim to fame soon, we know Matt! Get signed drum sticks now while you can! Malc (Holmes), realy not of OMD fame
  9. Thanks guys. Just arrived in Japan last night (jetlag woke me at 3.30, just 1.5 hous ago!) following my move from the UK and haven't had any update (photos of the effected parts etc) from the owner in question yet. But like you, I can only think its an adjustment problem. No one could despatch 3 clutches in 3K without being aware that their driving style is less than perfect! I am going to send the section from the manual regarding pedal adjustment and get him to look in detail at the slave push rod condition. Has anyone heard of the clutch fork bending on the V8? Cheers Malc
  10. I had an Elite as my first (and second) Lotus. Never got them completely sorted, but love them all the same and one day, I will get my third (they are THE Lotus bargain of all time at the moment). You probably know Lotusbits ( already, but never hesitate in my recomendation. Nobody in the world has a better knowledge of the Elite, their restoration and how to get the best from them than Mike Taylor. He has all the bits you could ever need and plenty of sensible suggestions on how to avoid the everday probelms that gave this car an unfair reputation for poor reliability. The very best of Luck with the project. Malc Holmes
  11. Hi Gents, Not my car this time, but a friend in Japan. He has a 2000 Esprit with a rediculously low 2500Km on the clock! However, he has a problem, he has been through 3 clutches in that time! I am still trying to work out exactly what has happened, but he has been told by his garage that the clutch has worn out due to his driving style. This sounds rather harsh since he feels he drives it gently and does not give it any abuse. Unlike many folks in Japan, he is familiar with manual shift and knows how to use it correctly. Simple question, is anyone familiar with problems leeding to premature clutch failure (less than 1000km intervals!), or even any issues that could be indicating premature clutch wear, when its actually a set up issue or such like. Any help here would be appriciated. I don't know the V8 twin plate clutch at all well, or its weaknesses. I think my friend in Japan is not so in tune with the mechanical design of the car, but just desperatley wants to drive and enjoy the Esprit experience. Thanks Malc
  12. Us clever bods at Nissan always have an arrow on the fuel guage which shows which side your filler cap is on! Genius! Malc
  13. Not quite the same as the Esprit, I know, but I recently had the same problem with my old S2 Land Rover after sitting on the front lawn, not moving for 2 years. Refused to release the clutch despite doing all the horrible, dramatic and abusive things you can get away with on an old Land Rover. Eventually gave up, and just let the engine run for one hour. Tried again once the engine was piping hot (hence the fly wheel also), and the clutch let go without any more drama. It may not work every time, but its always worth trying the gentle approach first. Malc
  14. I put these on another thread earlier today, but what the hell, here the haul that went with Troy yesterday... Malc
  15. Troy came and collected all remaining Espritism stock yesterday in a Tardis cunningly disguised as a white van. How it all went in I don't know! Give him a while to stock take, but before too long there will be a sourse of used bits at reasonable prices once again. Thanks and good Luck Troy! Malc Holmes
  16. I hope they are, but for the last 2 years they have been contemplating not attending any more since the costs and effort (lots of staff, and a long way to come), make it difficult to justify. Try Mike at, he should be able to help you with a 907 manifold. Malc
  17. I have now had a chance to have a look at the 2 logs I received and compared them against my own. I am pleased to say, mine does not see so bad after all. Thanks to both Freek and Yasuo for your help. By the way, new coil pack and leads went in today, so other than the Chip itself, everything else is new now. Should get a chance tomorrow to see if this lot makes any further improvement. Many thanks Malc
  18. Happy Birthady Young Man! By the way, its my 40th on Jan 1st! I hope you are all prepareing some nice 'photo art' to send me as well! Malc
  19. 39 and said goodbye to my last hair about 2 years back. Glad to see I am still younger than the majority (just!). Malc
  20. Hi Yasuo, Harness was fully checked when I put it in, only 2000 miles back (this car has had little use I am affraid!). The list for next weekends activities (other than packing ), is fit new coil pack, new plug leads followed by new ECU and new chip (starting with latest S4s code). Is there realy no-one out there in LEF-land with standard SE freescan logs? Malc
  21. The AZ-1 was a great little car, but discontinued after just 1 year since nobody could afford it and no-one over 5' 6" can fit in it. I tried one a few years back but at 5' 11" (not exactly huge by Euro standard!) my head was tilted to one side all the time just to stop it being wedged against the roof. No, its a Beat for me! Malc
  22. Cheers Bibs, Anyone else got bog standard SE Freescan logs available? Please e-mail them to [email protected] Me and Graham both need a reference to work from. Thanks Malc
  23. Youve got to keep the car Paul, S1's are becomeing as rare as a rare thing these days. You will kick yourself very soon if you sell up. As Tony says, just get yourself a second hand engine at the moment, keep the origional and re-build as and when you can afford it. Call Mike at He will run an engine on a test stand for you before you buy if you like and he does not ask crazy prices for 907's. Don't give up! Malc
  24. Beat!!! Respect! Could be my next car purchase as soon as I land in Japan. I have just got to get one so I can be a member of the owners club. Go on---BE A Tosa! Malc
  25. The origional part (I have one loose for a shift I am building for my car), is a torsion spring of 26mm outer dia, 2.9mm wire dia, 2 full turns with the wire ends at about 2 minutes before and 2 minutes after 12. Good luck in trying to find a supplier, I know Jonathan got liitle help from the supliers he contacted. Lee Springs have roughly the size, but too many turns. Malc
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