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  1. Don't buy the splitter, they are really not that good. Fit a DAB only antenna in the LH A pillar, as Colin says, behind the trim panel (there is plenty of space). Get the base as close to the cross car beam as you can and give it a damn good earth connection to the cross car beam (scuttle beam, instrument panel beam, steering member, what ever you want to call it). The earth quality is everything. It really needs metal bodywork to act as a ground plane, but you don't have that. Don't go any wear near the engine bay, too much electrical noise. Use the LH a-pillar since this is electrically quieter than the RH (on RHD cars at least). I did loads of work on in car DAB antenna systems in the early days of DAB (late 90's) and although the receiver sensitivity and noise rejection has improved massively since then, a good antenna is still vital to get uninterrupted break-up free reception. Malc
  2. Thrust bearings in stock at if anyone is having problems finding them. Malc
  3. Hi Ralph, I understand where your coming from and I don't know why it is so, but the experience of many folks here is that the aftermarket 02 sensors have given problems that have been resolved by fitting the genuine part. I guess there are also folks here that are perfectly happy with the aftermarket sensors they have fitted, maybe it all depends on the condition and tollerances of all the other parts effecting the engine management. For my part, there are enough issues with all the other potential poor running problem sources in the SE that I am happy to pay the extra for an OE sensor that I know is not going to cause any issues (other than the connector not fitting!). Malc
  4. ....Now confirmed by Chris Neil's, the guy picking the order picked the wrong one. Lets hope the correct sensor arrives tomorrow, I would love to have the car ready fro an MOT within a couple of weeks. Thanks all Malc
  5. Thanks Chaps, Marcus, I think yourve hit the nail on the head. If the V8 sensor has the sqare pin pattern too then it looks like someone has mixed up stock. Just trying to get Chris Neils to accept this now and see if they can find any of the correct ones kicking about. Many thanks Malc
  6. Cheers guys, I Don't really want to chop the connector end off a
  7. Hi Gents, I need a new O2 sensor for my Black 90 SE Turbo. I know aftermarket ones give grief so ordered a genuine one from Chris Neils (now
  8. Hi Neil, I re-sprayed the sills, valence, etc etc. I didnt like the look with the lower part in yellow, made the car look 'fat'. The car left the factory with black sills as well, it just looks correct. The yellow does not quite match any standard Lotus colour, I took the fuel filler cap in to the paint supplier I use to get a match but their mixing technician went off sick for weeks and I eventually gave up. Yet another reason why it didn't get the full re-spray I had intended. Malc
  9. Espritism logo was penned to be very similar (see below). What do you need it for?
  10. Hi Neil, I can confirm, all significant PO's liked the sunroof! Look forward to seeing the results of the re-spray. Its been a long time coming. I started planning FOXy's respray 10 years ago. Glad you are the one to make it happen. Keep us posted! Malc
  11. Hi all, Here is an updated list, since some items are now sold. A few new parts added down the bottom of the list. Still desperate to find cars suitable for breaking. Please let me know if you know of any. New and used parts for Esprit at special prices to make space for new stock. Note, larger parts must be collected from Milton Keynes.
  12. I use Eurostar Regular Extended and Eurostar Black Extended for the Espritism logo's, which come pretty close, but not identical. Malc
  13. Looks like Number 009 could be the very near identical twin to number 008, both have similar rear end treatment. This photo of number 008 came via friend and Esprit owner in Japan last week. The car resides at a specialist called BEN AUTO and I think someone is currently toying with the idea of restoration! Seriously, have you spoken with Brian Angus at the factory about this (009) car? Malc
  14. A friend managed to bag the set of Revolution alloys that appeared at last autumn's part sale for me. They have sat in the study since I got home in April and it really was time to unpack and tidy up. Finnally got the tyres on (fronts also from the sale, rears from my old wheels) yesterday and on the car today. I must say I am really happy with the result. I appriciate these wheels are not everyones taste, maybe too '80's, but in my opinion they suit the early Stevens style perfectly and the colours are just spot on with Pacific Blue bodywork. Only bad bits are the hub caps, which seem more in the style of Land Rover Defender than Lotus Esprit. I think I can so something to improve on them though when I get time. Best part of all, this lot set me back less than
  15. Thanks all, Its going to take a while to get stock up to a reasonable level (need to find some damaged cars for parts!), so please bare with me, I'll get there eventually. I'll let you all know as soon as something interesting turns up. Cheers PS, I guess I should get around to changing the country flag back!
  16. And here is the promised list of sale parts. Note, unfortunately the really big parts are for collection only. PLEASE let me know about any abandoned project cars, MOT failures, or crashed Esprits that you may know of for sale. Cheers!!!
  17. Hi Archie, Cam belt tensioner bearing could be the root cause. Best check it soon since you know the consequences if it does fail! S1/S2 service manual has the 907 re-build instructions. Just happens to be on the sale list at the moment. Good luck Malc Holmes
  18. Dear all, Just a brief post to let you know that is now up and running again, and the web site is functional once again. Stock is limited at the moment and I am desperate to source cars for breaking (anything from '88 onwards), so if you have, or know of a grotty car that wont make it back onto the road, please let me know. Likewise, heaps of unwanted spares. As soon as I have figured out how to send Bibs some funds I will post a list of 'sale' parts here, but in the mean time there is a list linked from the home page of the web site. Please take a look. These are parts I want to clear out soon in order to raise some funds for new parts, and make some space. Thanks to all who have encouraged me to get up and running again. I hope it wont be too long before I am able to offer a comprehensive range of parts as I did before taking the break while I was abroad. Thanks all. Malc
  19. Drop me a PM Dave, my Japanese is crap, but as Mat says, I do have a Japanese Mrs! Malc
  20. From the current sale list Esprit 1993-2002 A082P6064F A/C COMPRESSOR (R134A) 5 610.59 sale price 72.34 Doubt you'l find cheaper Malc
  21. Thanks John, My Dad went through exactly the same as you in 2000 and I am very pleased to report he is still very much with us. thanks, once again, the the brilliant team at the Royal Marston. My best mates Dad is going through radio therapy just now and my father in law has just found he has prostate problems (thankfully not cancer). So, chaps, dont forget your prostate, get to know your PSA and send those charities some dosh. Cheers Malc
  22. Hi all, I am really looking forward to doing another 10K race on bank holiday Monday. This one is the Bupa London 10000. I am running for 'Team Golden Pants', 28 guys (and gal's) raising money for Prostate UK. 1/2 of us blokes have prostate problems at some point in life. I know a number of the LEF members are amongst that statistic. Prostate UK supports with information, training and by funding research. If don't mind being put off your bank holiday lunch tune in to Channel 5 at 10am on Monday and keep your eyes open for 'Team Golden Pants', most of whom will be sporting comedy 'golden pants' along with Prostate UK running tops. If you would like to make a donation (direct to the charity) you can do at, you may be glad you did some day. Enjoy your bank holiday weekend! Malc
  23. Contact Mike at He has developed a system and had great results with it. Some time ago he spoke of selling kits, I dont know if he has gone this far yet, but well worth speaking to him. Malc
  24. I have a pair of 4058's which I think are the correct ones for the rear, but no fronts, sorry! Looks like you have a tough search on your hands. Good Luck! Malc
  25. Hi Richard, If you get stuck drop me a note after Thursday. I am collecting all my remaining stock from storage then and I know there where plenty of rear calipers in there before I went away (just not sure if they survived the period with the 'gent' who was meant to be looking after my stock). Good luck Malc
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