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  1. They had turbo esprit fog lamps on the list, as long as yellow lenses (french spec) is OK for you. The part number was A082M6465F and the price
  2. Your my bestist mate Bibs! So thats what the fog light looks like! I managed to get my mate to get me some, so now I can fill the holes in the front valence. Cheers Malc
  3. Any chance the next sale could be after March? Please, please, please.........
  4. Thanks both for your help. Bibs, if you do stumble accross any please let me know, and if Neil finds another pair in the stores please ask him to put my name on them (humble request). Shade, Thanks for the tech specs, especially the offset figures. Those will be useful when trying to get a close match. No esponse from my mail to Dave Bean yet, but SW lotus do have a pair of fronts, for around
  5. I've done it several times with the cheapest engine hoist available in the UK, with the adition of an extension made from steel section. Does the job just fine. Malc
  6. I unfortunately ended up 6000 miles away from Hethel, so with free tickets provided, petrol paid for and plenty of beer money provided, a friend was dispatched to Hethel at the crack of dawn on Sunday. I have always liked the Revolution wheels fitted to the '93 US Esprit, so was happy to do all I could to try and secure the set that where on offer in the sale. Good lad, got himself first in the queue at the parts sale. Most disappointed to find the Revolution fronts had already gone. How did that happen? Came away with the backs, but no fronts. Big sobs, doubt there will ever be a chance like that again. Anyone out there got a pair of front Revolution alloys , part number A082G4098F. There must be a few US owners who have changed to newer wheels and have the old ones kicking around in the garage. Condition not so important as long as they are usable. Anyone got any leads that may take me to a pair? I have already mailed SW Lotus, and Dave Bean. Any other ideas? Thanks folks Malc
  7. Chris, Wish I could help more but I am 6000 miles away from my Esprit and a pack of the bearings in question. I have checked back through my e-bay purchases, but of course this one was more than 1 year ago and the details dissapear after 3 months. If you measure the shaft dia, this will give you the inside dimension. However corroded your bearing is you should be able to take meaurement of the outside dimension. The thickness of the origional was about 3mm I think, but the replacement ones I got where closer to 4mm but where totally fine (the end adjuster can more than compensate). I have done a search on e-bay for helicopter thrust bearings and got several results. Not sure if these are the correct dimensions though, but they look/sound about right from memory. One other point worth mentioning is that the push rod bearings that connect the motor to the pod also seize or go very sloppy. These are a standard size (M6 female rod ends I think) and are freely available on e-bay. Its worth replacing these at the same time. Good luck Malc Good luck Malc
  8. Philippe, Remove the roll pins first (after draining the gearbox of oil). remove the bolts from the engine and gearbox mounts (plus all the pipe work etc of course!), then gradually lift the engine/transmission. As you lift pull the engine to one side and the drive shaft will eventually be able to be removed from the opposite side of the gearbox.Once one side is free, pull the other way and remove the drive shaft from the other side. You don't need to do anything at the hub end of the drive shaft, despite what the workshop manual says. Its not as difficult as it may appear. The difficult part is getting all the pipes back on when you put the engine back in again! Malc
  9. I re-built quite a few of these last year for Espritism customers. The are two main faults with motors that ave suffered water ingress 1) rusting of the rear thrust bearing 2) failure of the rivet that holds the carbon brush braided wire to the anchor plate. When you care fully pull the motor apart take a look for a crusty thrust washer on the rear of the main spindle. Almost definitely it will be seized. I found new thrust bearings of the correct size in stainless/brass on e-bay, for use in model helicopters! Get yourself some of these thrust bearings, you WILL need them. With the brushes there are not so many options. Unless SJ's kit has replacements included, then you need to re-use the old ones. I had quotations for getting new brushes made, but it was going to cost
  10. Hi Al, Interesting but cant find any details in your past posts, other than an enquiry made about an Italian manufacturer. Can you point us in the right direction for the details? Thanks Malc
  11. That's Dan, yourself and myself that have all abandoned Milton Keynes! I guess I am the only one who is going to be heading back (eventually). Good luck with the V8 purchase and ....... Welcome back! Malc
  12. Def fuel starvation. Most probably the carbs at fault since fuel pump problems tend to allow the engine to run great initially then die as the float chamber gradualy runs dry due to the pump not being able to keep up with demand. Get the carbs totally cleaned up, filters, jets, the accelerator pump and I bet it will be much better. Good luck Malc
  13. Jamie, From memory the tailgate has deep scores on the replaceable section around the antenna base. The glass was also broken and there was an area where the inner and outer where seperating. It would be an easy repair. Realy not difficult given basic fibre glass repair skills. I was going to keep it for my SE but then I ended up being posted to Japan and handing over the parts to Troy to look after and sell. Cheers Malc
  14. Not on an Esprit, but suffered an exploding coil on my '67 Landrover a couple of years back. I dont think there is much else in the circuit that couild be to blame other than the coil. My guess is that the wrong spec coil was fitted by the previous owner. Unless the dwell angle is far too high (unlikely with electronic 'points'), it can only be the fault of the coil. Fit a new one and try again. Good luck Malc
  15. Sounds like you got a GT3 engine. I would have words with Steve at Douglas Valley ASAP if I were you. I bought a 2.2 SE turbo engine from them for my SE some years back. The cam belt was missing when I got it so my suspicions where aroused. Turns out it had had the head removed to check for damage following the crash the donor car was in (that obviously took the cam belt off). Who ever re-installed the head put the cam carriers on the wrong way around (inlet on exhaust side ect) which would have been fatal if the engine had been started in that condition (oil drain holes from the carriers are different). I stripped the engine down again and checked it all. Fortunately everything was in good shape (other than cam housings back to front), so I didnt feel too badly done by (the engine, inc chargecooler, good manifolds, inlet system etc was only
  16. Malc here, Espritism is closed for the time being since I am 6000 miles from my parts stock, living in Japan. Anyway, Troy of Lotus Esprit Restorations should have all the parts you need since he collected all my parts from me before I left for Japan and a full set of V8 late centre console trim was included (from a 2000 car). God knows how you get in contact with him though since I have had no luck in contacting him since December. If you can get through to him please ask him to contact me since I would love to know how hes getting on! Hope you can find the parts you need. Malc
  17. I had exactly the same problem with the fronts on my '89 SE. The cones had detatched from suspension ring since the adhesive had long since given up due to UV. I managed to find a pair of new old-stock Pioneer drive units (circa 1995) on e-bay that are quite a modest, no fuss, design in all respects other than the cone colour which is Pacific Blue, perfect match for my exterior colour! I have JVC rear speakers fitted, ones that came from the Lotus sale last year. They look OK and do the job better than the ones that came out. Sound quality and image where still pretty shocking though (the Esprit interior and the speaker packaging are just about the worst possible for sound), until I hooked up the laptop to the radio and made some adjustments to the DSP settings massivley reducing the gain at around 150 to 200Hz to get rid of the dreadfull booming in the bass. Now sounds quite resonable, but needs a sub to get some real bass in below 100Hz. A job for next year, when I am no longer 6000 miles away from the car! Malc
  18. Nissan have a huge warehouse full of concept cars and examples of all the cars they have ever produced, at an old production plant in the town of Zama, just up the road from where I work at the Atsugi Design Centre. Occasionally one or two of these get wheeled out and put in the Design centre reception. Sometimes an inspiration, sometimes a reminder of what not to do next time! A couple of weeks back the Mid-4 concept appeared. I was stunned at the similarities with the Stephens Esprit, but this concept was from '85, a good 2 years before the Stephens Esprit saw the light of day. V6 3 litre 230bhp 4 wheel drive. What a shame it never went into production. It was great to see it in the flesh though, would have been even better to have been able to drive it! I would loose my job for taking pictures at work, so sorry about these crummy images, but they are the only ones I could find on the internet. Malc
  19. Love the album Bibs, great to have all the pictures in one place. Towards the end of the year how about someone compiling a 'Best Of LEFty's Travels' calander that we could download, print out and then hang on the wall to enjoy through 2009? With a couple of pictures per month we could see LEFty at his best in quite a few locations! There must be suitable calander templates to download somewhere on the web. Malc
  20. Lotus did have plenty of S3 spare wheels in their parts sale at 5UK pounds each. If they still have one, and you can get it sent to AUS, then it will probably still be a bargain, even with shipping added. The sales list is on LEF somewhere. Malc
  21. Just noticed membership has today hit 4000. Miller 929 being number 4000. The Esprit is obviously as popular as ever. Pretty damn good forum too! Well done to all 4000 members for making it the the first class forum it is. Malc
  22. My 1990 NA I had last year did the same trick when I first got it. The connetion to the sender was loose. While the engine was running I could get my hand on the sender connection spade terminal and wiggle it and see the guage jump into life while peeping though the bulkhead window (bit of a stretch). Hope its just a bad contact! Malc
  23. You dont need to get the rear upright off the car if you remove the hub unit from the rear upright. The risk of damage to the rear upright, the notorious cracking of the bottom webs, is well worth avoiding if at all possible. Removing the hub should be the easiest way of doing it, but a few the socket head bolts are often seized in place and round off you allen key before coming out. I have ground the heads off these in the past with a dremel type tool and then removed the remaining threaded stud from the upright once the hub is out of the way (they have come out easily once the tension is off them!). Beware, the bolts are M7, an unusual size, so get news before you damage the old ones in the process of removal. Once the hub is off I nrmally pass the assembly plus a new bearing over to a local tool shop who has a press (which I dont have) to get the old bearing out and new one in. Not expensive and quite straightforward. Malc
  24. When I had an S2 (now Matt K's) I had the same problem with oil coming from the instriment pod. I took out the standard meter and fitted an electronic one (the standard part is a standard size fortunaltey) instead, fitting a sender in the engine bay with just a short hose to the pressure take off port on the side of the engine. No more leaks, but the guage always read low due to being cap qaulity. Worth spending more money and getting decent guage. The standard plastic pipe did run along side the throttle cable under the armrest. Good luck Malc
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