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  1. Hi Edward, Lotus did have a few available in the sale recently, complete units, for a fraction of the price of a new one (about
  2. Two tickets went to waste today, nobody I e-mailed gave me a ring back (remember I said before the gates open). Anyway, I have 1 ticket spare for tomorrow (Sunday). Give me a call on 07851048818 between 9:40 and 10am and the tickets yours. Malc
  3. I had great trouble finding these bushes when I had an S2 some years back. They where out of production, no one had stock (including SJ). I eventually tracked a set down as old stock at Fiber Glass services. Don't know what the situation is today, but sounds like they could still be out of production. Good luck Malc
  4. Hi All, I have 2 tickets spare for tomorrow. If you want one (no charge) drop me a PM very soon. I can pass the ticket to you at the gate tomorrow, BEFORE the gates open. Malc
  5. Realy is a bad idea to burn the bushes out, the health risks from the burnt residue is horendous, touch it with bare skin and and you will be in a hell of a mess. As Andy said it will still be a pig to remove the metal sleeve. I use the drill, hacksaw blade method same as Andy. Its a slow process but avoids damage, to the car and to yourself. Malc
  6. Hi Andrew, Just seen your thread after being away from the forum for a week or so while moveing back to the UK. I remember the car from e-bay a few weeks back. Looked like a good deal, even if you have some gremlins to sort out first. It has new fuel tanks dosent it? Is the ride height OK, it looked a bit high from the e-bay pictures if I recall correctly. Where do you live, there could well be some one in your locality with Freescan who could come over and run a check. Although the error codes give useful clues, Freescan tells the full story and will help get to the route cause very quickly. Good luck Malc
  7. One week today I will be back home and attempting to re-awaken my SE after an 18 month sleep. Hope it goes as well as yours! Hope you have atrouble free weekend.! Malc
  8. Not looked at the Tesla web site for a while, but issues of running costs , how long and how to re-charge where all addressed when I last looked. All looked quite practical and simple. Take a look. Malc
  9. Going for a morning run in Tokyo along with 35000 others. Great day out and a great way to finsh off my stay in Japan (only 14 days to go now). Respect for all those doing the full Marathon, I only did the 10Km race. Malc
  10. SJ Sportscars can provide them as long as you can prove ownership of the vehicle (copy of the V5). Malc
  11. If I have an MOT by then I would love to attend. How about the others in the Northants, North Bucks area? Malc
  12. I fitted an SJ replacement on mine when it started leaking. The replacement cooler was identical to the origonal. Problem is getting the couplings off the old cooler. They tend to corode them selves on the the cooler and I could just not get them off. In the end I got replacement couplings made up, cut the hose itself, extended the hose to the new couplings. Job done, for about
  13. I have been looking at ground source heat pumps for central heating and water heating at home. Our gas boiler is a cheapy, not so efficient and at 15 years old, could probably do with replacing soon. I was wondering if ground source could be the way to go instead of another boiler. Problem is, with gas heating, its actually not particularly expensive, compared with electricity or oil, so repayment term worked out at 20years, which is the service life of the kit, so it doesn't make financial sense, especially if you calculate on a net present value basis. If you could use mains natural gas to run the heat pump compressor and recover the combustion heat as well, then you could be onto a winner. Not sure that any standard kit works like this at the moment though! Malc
  14. Mike Taylor (Lotusbits) put a useful guide together covering common problems and how to upgrade away from them,. He presented this at the Stoneleigh show a couple of years back. Its on the Lotusbits web site as a 4M down load. You can down load directly from:- I recomend you take a good read it is very seful to give you a guide as to what to look for when viewing an Elite. I had a couple of Elites in the past and will definitely be prepared to pay good money for another in the future. They are great cars, and the shape is becoming more and more of a selling point as time goes on (they just dont style cars like that anymore!). Keep us posted on how you get on. Malc
  15. I re-sprayed an Elite 501 a few years back with a near identical spec SIP compressor. Did the re-spray OK. Noisy as hell, but worked OK. I later tried it with air tools. It was utterly crap. So, I think you will be OK for light duty spraying, but dont even think about air tools. Malc
  16. IC is simply an inefficient way of extracting kinetic energy from liquid/gas fuels. IF hydrogen becomes a viable and easily available fuel, fuel cells will be a far more effective way of making the most of the energy it releases than IC could ever be. Malc
  17. Academic questions, just out of interest. While the GT3 gearbox was a bit of a 'special' in that it had slightly lower gearing and a crownwheel and pinion not quite as strong as the other Esprit boxes, I guess an 016 would be OK into a GT3 (with the later back cover on it). Likewise, the 028 GT3 box was mated with a 294 Nm engine in the GT3, so I guess it would also be safe to use it in NA or carb turbo cars (car turbo was 298, but that's only 4Nm more), again, with the matching back cover fitted. Am I correct? Malc
  18. I don't think the UK as a manufacturing location for cars is finished just yet. I can only comment with any authority on the manufacturer I work for, Nissan. The good period from start of 2007 was down to a brilliant new model designed in Cranfield, Beds, and built in Sunderland, so good it is still holding up now while other models have dropped off sharply (and its still a good seller in in Japan as well!). As long as the UK can still come deliver the productivity they manage in Sunderland (the most productive auto plant in Europe for god knows how many years on the trot) and still come up with designs that customers want to buy, then there will be a future. There are alternative manufacturing locations of course. India and China figure in all the plans of the big manufacturers, but don't forget the logistics of getting a passenger car from those locations adds heavily to the price and offsets the cheap manufacturing costs. Supplier base and quality are also a challenge, in the short to mid term at least. There is a fair argument to say that localised production will become more and more of an asset as time goes on. The pound as taken a real hammering on FOREX over the last 6 months and this is great news for exporters in the UK (possibly the only good news). Its now far more attractive to manufacture a car in the UK than it was this time last year. We just need the customers! The current recession is hitting all auto manufacturers, including those in India and China. The strongest will survive and be ready for the inevitable growth that follows recession. The UK can still be competitive with a determined work force who have learnt to get on with the job and be fantastically productive (only the French still prefer a good old fashioned strike). As long as we NEVER become as complacent as we where in the 70's and 80's then we will find a way to remain a viable place to build cars. Malc
  19. Like Pete, I replaced the concave ones on my car with salvage Elise units. Just needed to remove the mounting ring from the old units and fix them onto the new ones. 1 hours work and a damn site cheaper than trying to find Esprit units. I have never bothered with upgrades, I have only driven the Esprit at night a few times and just take it easy when I do, so not an issue for me really. HID seems a hell of a lot of hassle to go to when you can do the four lamp main beam conversion, along with 100W bulbs for a fraction of the cost and effort and still have very similar illumination. Sounds like an upgrade just for the sake of keeping up with the latest technology Malc
  20. There is a magazine over here in Japan called 'Garage Life' and its about, well, living in your garage, litterally. The planning laws are so relaxed in Japan you can live in your workshop and have your bed next to your car if you like. The UK is a complete mine field for planning. I tried to join my hous to my garage a few years back with a big glass wall seperating the 2. All the planning regulations killed it off, to do anything remotely similar to what I wanted would have cost the earth and would have compromised the effect I wanted to create so much that it just wasnt worth doing. I also looked into coverting farm barns into DIY car restoration bays and storage some years ago, and as mentioned, the change of use rules plus insurance issues killed that one dead! Its a great idea, but change of use, or living on site will be the difficult issues to get around. Malc
  21. I got one of the early LCD TV's about 7 years ago. Its only 22" and the picture is (I can now accept this) utterly crap. It cost well over
  22. Its great to hear a problem's been solved. If only all Esprit problems where as easily sorted! Malc
  23. There has been, on and off, over the last few years plenty of discussion about modifying the Freescan code to run on PDA's. A few people set about the task, but always things seem to go dead after a while. I don't know if anyone ever had success with the PDA approach, but if they did this would seem a brilliant solution to a built-in version of freescan. Second hand PDA's are so cheap and Freescan such a useful tool that I would love to see this re-coding completed. Anyone know if any of the PDA conversion projects ever got finished, or how close they came to being finished? Malc
  24. Both have the same effect. I removed the vac feed to the solenoid all together (less pipe nwork to leak at a later date), but left the solenoid in place so the ECU didnt throw up a fault code. As a quick check, maybe just plug the end of the pipe after removing it from the throtle jack capsule. If this proves the diagnosis, then you can spend some more time tidying up the spare pipe work at your leasure. Key thing is just to remember to leave no open ends on the now redundant pipe or you will introduce a whole new batch of problems. Malc
  25. No, you dont need the throttle jack. I and many others have deleted the EBPV and live very happily without the throttle jack. I deleted it becasue of exactly the problem you are haveing. Just disconnect the vac feed to it and plug the end of the vac hose. I think you may have found your problem. Malc
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