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  2. Still need a mirror............. This 3D Printer uses ABSplus™ modelling material, a production-grade thermoplastic that is durable enough to perform virtually the same as production parts. The scanner has a tolerance of +\- 0.05mm so accuracy should be exceptional.
  3. Come on everybody, I need your help, 1 original complete mirror.....................
  4. 3D Printing;
  5. All, I have access to a laser scanner and a 3D printer. I wish to make some S1 original wing mirrors, however, I need an original mirror to laser scan. Once we have the laser scan I can make as many as needed, we can also laser cut the glass and we'll figure out the mounting bracket etc.. once the CAD model is surfaced. Who's interested, and who can let me borrow an original for a short space of time. Freebies will be offered for helpful parties..............
  6. You've probably got it better than it left the factory. When mine was being sprayed we adjusted all the lines to correct them as they were really crappy. However, make sure you check for any damage/twist in the verticals, are your door pins solid? any play?
  7. The first thing I ever bought was a fire extinguisher.......................
  8. OK, if buy these;|Model%3A2000&hash=item3f1a1023b6 an these; Does this complete what I would need?
  9. A friend of mine is cranking his engine now and seeing no oil pressure just on the starter. Are you sure this is OK?
  10. All, Does anyone have a start up procedure for a new engine installation? Concerned mostly with the oil side, do I prefill the oil filter/cooler lines etc...... Crank it for 30 sec before start etc....?
  11. I think the cam are std 104, I'll have to check. The pistons were a slightly higher compression, these are the same pistons SJ use from Omega.
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