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  1. Interesting! They seem to do the correct sizes. Can you put 205/70 on the front an use just one tire size?
  2. Hello, I believe the tyres required for the S1 are; Front 205/60/R14 Rear 205/70/R14 What brand is everyone using? and where are you sourcing them (UK only). Thanks in advance.
  3. You may wish to take some advice on tyres and bearings, getting to 200mph is relatively easy if you have enough power, I'd be worried about the rest of the car exploding around you. Wheel bearing ceasing at 180mph is not something you would want.
  4. Oh my god! Body shell will be delivered to your house tomorrow
  5. Yes Paul, You need to take up my offer and help me undo my hub nuts
  6. Ha Ha, a win for the Jonester! I must admit I couldn't really be sure, however, my car has 99% of the original parts.
  7. My valance sill has some of the original rubber seal on it. Modified? I'm not sure?
  8. Paul, I pretty sure it's all original, width is as original and it even has some of the original rubber seal. However, someone could have taken a hacksaw to it?
  9. OK, I'll post some photo's, mine has a lot of extra holes drilled for fixing! Or, if you help me with my hub nuts I can let you borrow it?
  10. Everything's at the powder coaters, twiddling my thumbs trying to get the hub nuts off!!
  11. Nope still having trouble with my spanners! did the hub nut unscrew with an Air/Impact hammer? seems really tight...
  12. How the hell to I get the big 33mm nuts off, or is it a case of loosening them before taking the suspension to pieces?
  13. Updated 30/05/09 Ready for Powder Coat 13
  14. I'm current at this stage trying to get my ARB off, it won't pull out of the bushes, anyone have a solution? Help!
  15. The earth wires attach under the manifold bolts, or at least they did on my car;
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