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  1. Don't do it, I've just had a problem taking the engine & gearbox out separately. If you've got body off I still don't think you'll have enough clearance. Mine's going back in engine + gearbox together. Maybe able to use as rolling chassis , but you'll have a pivot point around the top gearbox attachments.
  2. Updated 16/05/09 Tear Down 12
  3. Check this out, I have plenty of pictures body on/off of the chassis. I don't suspect it would be too difficult, peddle box mounting, steering rack, brake hoses etc.
  4. Updated 09/05/09 09/05/09 Tear Down 11
  5. Leave it an S2, it's bad enough people making S1's into S2/3's. Wolfraces - I seen rocking horses have more poo's Who quoted the paint? Get your chassis blasted somewhere local and cheap there are plenty of good places. Do the best job you can, there are plenty of people who can help.
  6. Updated 03/05/09 Body Trolley 10 2 hours work and
  7. Updated 25/04/09 25/04/09 Body Off 9 Chassis is available for viewing if anyone is interested.... Why can't I edit my original post?
  8. Looks black to me as he pulls out of the hotel......
  9. Great job Matt, I suggest only one wing mirror and selling me the other
  10. I agreed, you could have a mix of parts, 0319G looks a bit early, I say retro fit.
  11. It was I, PM me please. Another one; and another one;
  12. Bottom right corner;
  13. Just measured my wheels, 100mm centre of wheel nut, cross diagonals.
  14. Basically, if you go on ebay and do a search, a lot of different types come up. It depends what you need, I'm currently looking to get one and there seems to be a 2 main types based on lifting capacity of 1 or 2 tons. Engine and gearbox for NA Esprit weights about 250-300Kg, so there should be plenty of capacity.|39:1|240:1318|39:1|240:1318
  15. Mines a Quad, but get a Duo and clock it.
  16. You really need this for a flight sim, this is my rig;
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