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  1. Definition; A Financial Advisor is someone who can make a large amount of money into a smaller amount of money! Seriously, If you want no risk spread it around all the banks @ less than
  2. It's a funny world, everyones rich, right up to the point where the credit gets turned off.......
  3. If he was really rich he'd have a yacht!
  4. I did it in this order; doors bonnett rear hatch qtr lights seats gearbox tunnel dash pod instrument frame steering column dash heater pedal box loom handbrake cables accelerator cable fuel tanks Windscreen I'm just about ready for lift off!
  5. Thanks, found some proper windscreen braided wire on Ebay for
  6. What sort of wire is best? bought some from the garden centre and it keeps breaking! Piano wire, guitar strings?
  7. Just been inpspecting the progress, it seems the burk who owned my car before has cut through this casting!!!! 1. Does anyone have a spare? 2. Anyone who has one, could I have a look with a view to fabricating one? I'm off for a beer to cry into!
  8. You guys are really good! think its the slide to the RHS, bulbs missing!
  9. Hi Carlos, try this; 1 Hazard Flasher Unit Lucas 9FL 34053
  10. I think it was because the facilities are being overhauled and the LOC didn't think it was an appropiate location this year.
  11. Thanks for the offer, however, I've bought some castors off ebay (
  12. As the title, need to be in good condition.
  13. Try this?
  14. I'm looking to take the body off my S1, however, I need to make a Dolly so I can push it around, anyone got any plans/dimensions?
  15. Do they come off? should they come off for full body respray?
  16. Asked the same question to; Reply below; Hello mark, Price depends of the state of your gearbox. If only required checking and maybe a new synchro for 2nd, around 800 euro netto ex. If bearing and cwp are worn it will be a total overhaul. In that case it will be 2200. Euro netto ex. Kind regards, Harry Martens
  17. Pictures; 13/10/08 Tear Down 8 04/10/07 Tear Down 7 03/10/08 Tear Down 6 02/10/08 Tear Down 5 29/09/08 Tear Down 4 28/09/08 Tear Down 3 27/09/08 Tear Down 2 27/09/08 Tear Down 1 25/08/08 Exterior ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Photo's Updated 13/10/08 Windscreen removal. Unfortunately the previous owner had glued in the chrome trim when replacing the windscreen, whilst I was carefully removing the trim, the ping of glass was heard ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Photo's Updated 04/10/08 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Photo's Updated 03/10/08 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Photo's Updated 02/10/08 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Photo's Updated 29/09/08 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Photo's Updated 28/09/08 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Photo's Updated 27/09/08 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hopefully I'll be able to keep this as a rolling thread for the duration of the project. To kick off, I have contacted Lotus regarding my cars original production state, info as follows; Original body colour - Orange Interior - Marcasite Options list (i.e. the items requested); Patterned/Green trim (washable) - I think this means it had the Tartan/Green Interior Head restraints and Inertia red seat belts - Funky! probably to match the tartan? 5 speed gearbox Alloy wheels with 205-197/70 radial tyres Heater Heated rear screen Electric windows External mirror Hazard warning I'll update as & when, first thing to sort out is my garage door! Project start - middle of October (Hopefully)
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