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  1. As the title suggests, I'm on the look out for one.
  2. Everyone is looking for a source for these. This is the only thing close I can get; Sebring;
  3. I have had a look at the paint codes above, Orange was obviously done in gel coat, however, there doesn't seem to be a corresponding Orange paint?
  4. Most people tend to have the S1 wheels highly polished a not laquered as it flakes off. I see that you can get the wheels polished and then "CLEAR powder coated", anyone had this done?
  5. Scan a diagram, don't understand what you mean.
  6. I'm looking for reputable paint shops would would be able to respray my Esprit, need to have a low bake oven, please could you post names and location. Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks for the reply, I just want to look at the variation they had in Orange cars, was it just Green/Tartan or did they have some other standard colours for the Orange cars, if so, pics please.
  8. Has anyone got any pictures of the original interiors the orange cars had? I know about Green + Red Tartan, what else were there?
  9. 1976 Esprit S1 76110238G Mark Jones Solihull
  10. Does anyone know how to crack the code? VIN 7611/0238G What was the original body colour? What was the original interior colours?
  11. OK, I have been doing some more research on my car; On the bulkhead it has the number 238 and looks like an original Orange gell coat car.
  12. Opinions? I have all the parts, first time shes seen daylight in 5 years!
  13. Lot of talk about the value not being retained after a restoration. My novice estimation is about
  14. It has been repainted a couple of times and is currently a horrid Maroon colour, but as stated it's complete with no crash damage I can see. The interior has been done over, however, it seems to have lots of new parts including brake calipers & 5 wolf race wheels etc.... I also have a spare engine from an Elite.
  15. Here goes; I have a 1977 S1 Esprit in my garage; it has been there for about 6 years untouched. It is partially disassembled, interior out, rad off, doors off etc.... lying under a nice dust cover. I think it was number 0266 and an original Orange gell coat car; this was sprayed over by a previous owner. The car has all original glass, wheels etc... Here the dilemma; I'm having an MGB Roadster built for the wife and the general idea was to sell the S1 to 1) partially fund this 2) make some room. Now I find that my time is somewhat less restricted than before and I'm castin
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