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  1. Is this what our on about?|Model%3A2000&hash=item3f1a1023b6
  2. markjonesx

    Pedal Box

    Refurbished; [attachment=21737:DSC07310.JPG] [attachment=21738:DSC07311.JPG] [attachment=21739:DSC07312.JPG] [attachment=21740:DSC07314.JPG]
  3. It's all completely standard apart from new pistons as my old ones were out of tolerance. Nothing special or trick, just set and built correctly. Crank/rods/piston/flywheel were all balanced professionally, runs as smooth as silk. As soon as I have the dyno' print outs I'll post these also. Will probably show another 5-8BHP with the 4-1 manifold.
  4. Here you go;
  6. Pictures attached; [url=""][img][/img][/url] True 188BHP, using 4-2-1 exhaust manifold. Torque curve is flat as a pancake. [attachment=21713:MOV07276.MPG] [attachment=21717:Data Graph.jpg] [attachment=21718:Data Read Out.jpg] [attachment=21677:DSC07210 Engine 912a.jpg] [attachment=21704:DSC07210 Engine 912c.jpg] [attachment=21705:DSC07210 Engine 912d.jpg] [attachment=21706:DSC07210 Engine 912e.jpg]
  7. My long rod is 385mm long, looks like yours is wrong?
  8. I had 2 rods in my kit, but just discarded the short one and the bush?
  9. Your maybe right, I did get new cable, and my old cable did have more srew thread on it. I did not use the bush.
  10. Check my blog pictures, just used the long rod.
  11. From memory, I think roughly squashed them to fit by hand, flatten the "S" alot first, it's a bitch, but you just gotta man up. I did it all off car then screwed into place.
  12. What does everyone use to stop the cabin/engine bay heat soak? I've seen these; Any other "cheap" recommendations?
  13. Anyone tried this?
  14. Body is currently in paint, scheduled finish, end of October. [attachment=21587:DSC06289.jpg] [attachment=21588:DSC06290.jpg]
  15. Using JS Motorsport to check and measure everything. Crank is to be balanced etc, pistons were knackered! Will be Dyno'd before installation. [attachment=21584:DSC06034.JPG] [attachment=21585:DSC06140.JPG] [attachment=21586:DSC06279.JPG]
  16. PCD is different 110mm vs 105mm, plus there maybe an issue witht the hub clearance.
  17. Checking alignment tonight before I rebuild my engine, looks like the gear linkage (Citroen) which passes down the left side of the engine clashes with the sump of the 912, anyone got any experience of this?
  18. Well, it's going to be some new jets, can't start from here when rebuilding the engine.........
  19. Hi Andy, Got the same details, looks like someones buggered about with me carbs!
  20. I'm currently rebuilding/refurbing my carbs. They are Spec9 DHLA45 (Engine is 912NA(SC)). However, I have just checked the idle jets, one is 45 the other 60? Should they be different? hmmmmm? Does anyone have a list of "ALL" the correct standard jets?
  21. Got my engine stripped and blasted, so it all looks reasonably good Aluminium. Should I just leave like this or is it recomended that the block should be painted?
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