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  1. OK, whats the best? 20/50? Brand? natural/synthetic?
  2. How does the dizzy casting separate from the other small casting, do they just push apart after you have separated the lock plate? Or do I need to hammer on the oil pump end of the dizzy shaft?
  3. One more question, how does the woodruff key come out? Does it need some help with a centre punch?
  4. Yes, the engine is on total strip down.
  5. I have sorted this now using Andys trick with the old timing belt around the pulley in the vice. Heated it up and also let some WD40 soak in overnight. Good socket and my breaker bar did the job.
  6. Interesting, looks like he's burning the UV oxidised layer off. You go first
  7. Got it clamped, heated it up, put WD40 on it over night, still stuck, maybe it's time for the big spanner.....
  8. OK, there is a Hex screw on the timing pulley, does it undo anti-clockwise? Mines a right bugger and won't shift......
  9. I currently have a 912 engine being stripped down. The plan is to check, rebuild, and slightly modify with gas flowed head + 4 to 1 exhaust manifold to give modest increase in output, I'm not interested in mega power. Pistons to be reused, look perfect Crank looks good Liners, replace whilst doing the job? All new gaskets needed Where is the best place to source the parts, I'm especially interested in the liners & piston rings, do they vary, are there good/bad sources?
  10. Have you got the part number? is it Lotus or a parts bin part?
  11. As the title....the gearchange is like a Mauser rifle bolt. [attachment=19835:DSC05937.JPG] [attachment=19836:DSC05935.JPG] [attachment=19837:DSC05928.JPG] [attachment=19838:DSC05921.JPG] [attachment=19841:DSC05915.JPG] [attachment=19839:DSC05938.JPG] [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b][size=4][url=""][color=#0000FF]Esprit S1, 238G, Blog[/color][/url] [url=""][color=#0000FF]Onlin
  12. Done that, still doesn't work for some reason hmmmmmm....
  13. This isn't a cross brace. It is bolted to the anti roll bar bush bracket (bottom). It is used to bolt a piece of sheet metal to this bracket and also to the radiator housing, to cover a gap.
  14. I'm signed in on the forum, however, the drop down menu next to my name will not "drop down", nothing happens? The same for blog entries, the drop down on "options" does not work so I cannot edit, what gives? :help:
  15. Has anyone got the tool in the manual they could let me borrow? Or can you describe how to get the liners out? P.S No they don't just drop out, even with a hammer....
  16. Has anyone got one of these from an Esprit S1/S2, this is where the brake & clutch masterfint to under the bonnet;
  17. Had them glass beaded, painted the pots. Also, spare parts from Mick Dolphin to sort out the electric, new old stock etc in original Leyland boxes lol.
  18. Don't the top 2 bolt go all the way through to the second split line? will this not break the 2nd line seal?
  19. Check out the Matt Watts mod;
  20. One had a bad stator but I had a spare, both spin up OK.
  21. I'm going to no longer post in this thread, please see the links in my signature for the blog & photo's etc.
  22. Putting them on the front is just plain wrong, I would love to know why someone wanted to do this. SJ's web site shows this configuration. You could set the fans to suck, however, unless they are fully cowled in this will reduce their effectiveness. Working on the principle that the fans will only be needed at standstill or crawl traffic, push and eject should be sufficent based on the info I have.
  23. Hi Paul, I used to design cooling systems for the automotive industry. I'm going to have 3 x fans on the rear side of the radiator, 7" diameter, and pushing to eject the air forward. The only question is which fan? they just need to be reliable. From what I've seen on the internet it looks like they are all using the same motor from the same Chinese factory. Think I'm going to punt on these, look reasonable;
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