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  1. Can someone accurately measure this dimension for me?
  2. I have a qucik question, do they suck or blow? And why use these; 5th line down When I could use these, 1/3rd the price;
  3. Is there a paper gasket for this seal as it seems to weep? or what is the recommended sealant?
  4. Can I remove this cover without disturbing any other parts of the gearbox;
  5. Found this whilst hunting on my hard drives;
  6. Can I borrow your fingers, this pipes like rock. Too late, decided to man up, done it....
  7. OK, another part from SJ that doesn't fit, maybe I'm asking too much. Has anyone done this before, is this correct, do I have to "modify it" myself, anyone have any tips?
  8. What type of black is the Rear Bumper and Window Frames on an S1 Esprit. Is it Gloss or Satin or something else?
  9. [quote name='LOTUSMAN33' timestamp='1328435405']Great work Mark and love the photo set up, I may do the same sometime as I have taken tons of pics as I progressed. Love the plated calipers, wish I had thought of that as they look superb.Thanks for the headlight motor info as that is one job I am planning soon and will be a great help.What have you done about your water pump as this is causing me a big problem at the moment?I am just about to tackle my body although may revisit my chassis now and do some more detailing.[/quote] Water pump I'm going to refurb, minimum as i
  10. I currently have a S1/S2 manual (the black one 04/78) and this refers only to 907 engine. Is there a 912 manual?
  11. Back on its wheels... [attachment=19663:DSC05780.JPG] [attachment=19665:DSC05697.JPG]
  12. I think they cross reference to Triumph Dolomite?
  13. Check this out; http://www.thelotusf...tion-important/
  14. Before..... [attachment=19550:DSC04570.JPG] [attachment=19551:DSC04571.JPG] After..... [attachment=19552:DSC05708.JPG] [attachment=19553:DSC05709.JPG] Reference Data; [attachment=19556:Lucas Pod Motor Strip.pdf]
  15. When installing my gearbox, it threw up an interesting positional problem which I'll reference below. I have a very early S1, 238G (Jan '77), it seems that all of the S1 before approx 350G had slightly different features, and hence, go together away from what the manual says. The problem I had with the gearbox concerns its position in the car relative to the other components, most especially the engine mounts. The vertical aluminium uprights on the gearbox are slightly shorter (top horizontal dimension) than a late S1 or early S2. I have the new hanger kit from SJ as the ol
  16. Went on easier than I thought it would........ [attachment=19541:DSC05697.JPG] [attachment=19542:DSC05698.JPG]
  17. Anyone know how much an engine weights?
  18. What sort of gauge do you use to check the nip? Normal DTI? Anyone got a pic/link?
  19. Probably just bolt on the 907 assembly, then I'm pretty sure it would be OK, and this was how the gearbox was? Got some time yet, engine not even stripped.
  20. See below, the clutch assembly on a 912 engine (out of 1982 Esprit) seem to be different from the 907 clutch plate from my '77 S1 Esprit. I have an original Citroen gearbox in my S1. Question: Will both fit? or should I go with the 907 arrangement? Hmmmmmm..............
  21. I'm installing my gearbox into my S1. This is the Citroen type box. I have bought some new bushes for the gearbox hangers from SJ as the old ones were shot. Now I have a clash issue see picture. I have measured the best I can from face of gearbox to centre of the engine mount, this is 320mm give or take a bit and hence the gearbox is now in the correct position apart from needing some 15mm spaces to fill the gap! Is this all correct? or is something dodgy going on?
  22. Having done some reading on 900 series engine builds, I have a question regarding the liner to engine block "Nip". The manual says that you should have a "Nip" of +0.003 -0 to +0.005 in. Do all the Liners come exactly the right size? if your our of tolerance what do you do?
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