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  1. Hi Giorgo, Do you know what the markings look like on the carbs or engine markong?
  2. ......the difference between a LC and HC variants?
  3. Hello, I have noticed in some restorations that people have covered the main central chassis spar in the reflective heat shield. Is this correct? I would of thought it would be better to let the heat out of the chassis, and instead cover the central body tunnel?
  4. Cheers, Looks like the usual Lotus spec, cheap!
  5. Hello, Could anyone tell me the exact dimension of the windsreen, I'm particularly interested in the height.
  6. Hello, Need both of the above for S1 project car
  7. markjonesx

    912 Engine

    Hello, I'm in the market for a 912 NA 2200cc engine for S1 project, any condition considered.
  8. Due to the heat soak in Esprit engine bays, has anyone tried heat wrapping the exhaust manifold?
  9. Can anyoine tell me what type of foam sticks to the bottom of your fuel tanks? and how thick it is? Is it a special type?
  10. It's a dynamic way to heat your house, you decide what's heated, if your in the house you just overide the settings to what you want or allow it to decide. The simplest way to save money is to 2 zone your house, upstairs and downstairs. How often do you use your bedroom once you've got up in the morning? Also, you set a min temp for all the rooms, an OFF room in my house is 17 degC, an ON room is 21 degC. You should never let your house go fully cold in the winter, the start up to warm uses masses of energy. I save £450 a year using this system, 8 zones.
  11. OK, having been wrestling with my front suspension for the best part of a week, I need some help. Question; See diagram, which hole does the bottom damper bolt go throught? Originall on my car it went through the top hole, looking on the internet, Matt Watts has it through the bottom hole, the drawing is ambiguous, who's right? Question; Is there a specific order in which to fit the suspension? Does the damper do in last? It looks to me that I need to do both sides together to even have a chance of getting the ARB into position? Plus, do I need to be less wimpish about the s
  12. OK, cunning skill, brute strength and a large hammer did the trick; [attachment=17697:DSC04543.JPG] See specially designed "Lotus Tool"; [attachment=17698:DSC04544.JPG] [attachment=17699:DSC04545.JPG] In all fairness, one end was a pig, the other end was easy, I know not why?
  13. I have looked at my front suspension, Effectively with the chassis unloaded as I'm in the rebuild phase, the lower wish bone hangs lower due to the spring. Question, whats the best way to attach the ARB? compress the springs first or get the tyres on etc... and get someone to stand on the chassis?
  14. So you had the same part from SJ? What was the diameter of your ARB?
  15. I have some new polyurethane bushes for my ARB from SJ. The ARB is 20mm dia, the hole in the bushes is 17.5mm max with little or no give. How the heck do I get them on the ARB? whats the trick?
  16. Just checked my manual, it reffers to "Nipping Down" the nut on the top of the shock? Does this just mean tightening it so it eventually sits on the shelf indicated with the rubbers well compressed?
  17. Clicky;
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