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  1. I'm using a pair of these;
  2. My front springs are 360mm long x 115mm O/D and about 9 coils, bought from SJ; I have just spent the last 2 hours trying to fit one . How much do you need to compress these springs and could some one show me what they used, my spring compressor doesnt seem to be up to the job .
  3. Thanks Lyn, I have set the adjuster knob to face the wheel due to the angle at which it will sit when the spring is on. I have also put some thin washers either side of the bushes to take the play out, 100% happy now.
  4. Also, does the Shock adjustment knob face towards the chassis or the wheel?
  5. I have an S1 which has about 4 differnet layers of paint on it. Also, I need to assertain if there is any accident damage (all current evidence suggests not) or if any star crack are present. I was thinking about getting the body soad blasted. Has anyone had this done, is it any good? any pitfalls? pictures? recommended companies?
  6. I have replacement shocks (Protech), when I insert the bushes on the pivot bolt with the shock, there is some play, is this normal, gap is around 2mm.
  8. Cant get the Fulda's, on back orders, so next up is the Toyo's, anyone know if they are any good?
  9. I'm interested if you want to do the headlight swap. Drop me a PM.
  10. I keep thinking that on the really early Esprits they hadn't quite figured out all the tolerancing. There was no way that the bearing would " just drop in". Paul Matty is helping me out on this one.
  11. No, have it done at a local place, cash deal.
  12. Just heat the hub up, freeze the bearing, they just drop in. My a**e they do.... [attachment=17554:DSC04494.JPG] [attachment=17555:DSC04495.JPG]
  13. Went back together very easy [attachment=17455:DSC04477.JPG] [attachment=17456:DSC04478.JPG] [attachment=17457:DSC04479.JPG]
  14. markjonesx

    Half Shaft

    Took a bit of banging, finally done... [attachment=17419:DSC04474.JPG] [attachment=17420:DSC04475.JPG] [attachment=17421:DSC04476.JPG]
  15. markjonesx


    It's back, fixed 3rd gear and Crown/Pinion, jeepers the oil's expensive......... [attachment=17398:DSC04465.JPG] [attachment=17399:DSC04466.JPG] [attachment=17400:DSC04467.JPG]
  16. But there should be a right way round. Is it a strength issue or unsprung weight issue? I don't know?
  17. Yes, but you could be right or you could be wrong? which way round should they go?
  18. markjonesx


    See attched; [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]
  19. RENN has opposite way round?
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