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  1. Hi Gio, There has to be a right way round? when I dismantled my car, big "vee" was gearbox side.
  2. OK, which way round do the half shafts go? Big "vee" gearbox side or big "vee" hub side.................
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    [quote name='vintaylor' date='07 May 2011 - 01:56 PM'] Did you buy them refurbished, or did you use kits and get them powder coated ? They look brand new! [/quote] No, these are my original calipers fully refurbed, pistons/springs/seals fully zinc plated. Mine were real nasty, rusty, pistons all knackered. It's not cheap, SJ I think has them done at the same place and put on 15% margin. Speak to Lee @; GOING FAST IS GREAT, BUT STOPPING IS BETTER................
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    [quote name='vintaylor' date='06 May 2011 - 10:05 PM'] new calipers? must have cost an arm and a leg! did you get them from sj? Vin [/quote] No, refurbed, were in real bad condition.
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    Nice...... [attachment=17396:DSC04442.JPG]
  6. Could someone recommend a suitable oil? How much fo I need?
  7. Hmmm, look OK, H rating is to 130mph, OK for my S1.
  8. OK, find me a twin set up and I'll swap you for it.
  9. You would expect so, but no welded bolt tabs, in the manual, yes, on my car, no.
  10. No nothing, checked this morning as I thought I couldn't remember them being there. Have contacted another member who has slightly earlier car to check, awaiting reply. Maybe you just leave the bar off and fit the 4-1 exhaust?
  11. My S1 is 238G, it does not have chassis braces? the plot thickens........
  12. My S1 has a single motor headlight setup. I want to convert to twin motors, require brackets and parts from late series S1/S2.
  13. Try this;
  14. Hmmmm, still a lot to do; [attachment=17395:DSC04306.JPG]
  15. Option One is nearest my home, have seen there web site, always get the feeling they are gonna say £10K. Basically, there is a good price for a good job, this is what I'm trying to evaluate. As in Paul Colemans own thread on respray, the bit I'm really interested in is the preparation of the under neath.
  16. Hi Martin, Do you have any further details on the painter? who is it, location, approx cost? Your PM isn't working? Regards Mark Jones
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