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  1. I'm doing a ground up restoration for my Esprit S1. The body will need to be entirely resprayed, does anyone have a suggestion, or has had this done previously, who I could use?
  2. Started blog, link to all pictures included in first blog post;
  3. Hi Nelly, If you could post a few photos it would be helpful, could compare to Pauls.
  4. [quote name='nickfire' date='13 April 2011 - 05:57 PM'] Great set of this how far you have got? How long have you spent on it? I love the S1 Esprit - there is a lovely S1 sat outside Lotusbits...does not need much doing to it.....and its white.Which i really like. All the best Nick [/quote] I have got as far as the photo's show, all in chronological order. Currently building up parts for the rolling chassis, will be doing a garage floor layout in about 2 weeks to see where I'm up to. I aquire all parts, then build
  5. Chronological photo record of my S1 rebuild. Car has been in storage for about 6 years, stop/start/stop/start etc..... Currently now have time to pursue the build, going to rolling chassiss ASAP, hopefully. Clicky....... [url=""][/url] [attachment=17401:DSC03993.JPG]
  6. Interesting Mr Bond, I will investigate further. Thanks for the photo's.
  7. I currently have an S1 in build, however, I would like to convert the single motor headlights to the later twin version. Has anyone done this before? Has anyone got some twin motor photo's I could look at? particularly the fibreglass mods?
  8. Hi s2mikey, Interested in your reply, what do I need, what you got? Can't seem to send you a PM for some reason? Mark.
  9. Anyone know where to have brake discs skimmed in Birmingham.
  10. I'm looking to acquire a large assorted pack of nuts, blots, washers, nyloc for my S1 rebuild. Anyone have any idea's where to get a good assortment from and what range do I need? I'm thinking metric.....M6 to M12
  11. Found it! I have no idea what it is, but I found it! Is this serious?
  12. 17mm, looks like part of a round washer, maybe 60mm in diameter.
  13. I have undone the oil drain plug on my S1 gearbox and found this (not the socket!); What is it? and do I have a big problems
  14. Looked to me that the gear change was on opposite side? If mounting brackets are different that means no easy swap?
  15. Is the S1 gearbox the same as an S3? Same ratios? Fixing points?
  16. Got some time now, so concentrating on going to rolling chassis ASAP, link below for the wheels. Small back street place, they seem to be a powder coater mainly but do other stuff as well as a side line;
  17. Thanks Danny, Made a drift from some steel bar and gave them a wack, popped out a treat..
  18. I have removed the bearings from my front hubs, inside there is a bearing shim. To remove, can I whack it with a drive to pop it out, or is there a more techincal approach?
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