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  1. Hi Gio,

    I mounted the gearbox first so I had the car on all 4 wheels so I could push around and check that it actually rolled.

    Engine is easy to get in with gearbox installed. Engine hoist on inlet manifold, jack under the sump. Lower down and get engine resting on jack and supported by hoist, carefully wiggle it into place. You will need to get the gearbox shaft to sit roughly in the pressure plate opening to give you slightly more room. Get it aligned horizontally, push into place. Then I installed engine mounts on engine, then chassis engine mounts, takes some wiggling and some help from the jack.

    Lost an inch of toe on the rear when I rolled it in and out of the garage.

  2. [quote name='LOTUSMAN33' timestamp='1328435405']Great work Mark and love the photo set up, I may do the same sometime as I have taken tons of pics as I progressed. Love the plated calipers, wish I had thought of that as they look superb.Thanks for the headlight motor info as that is one job I am planning soon and will be a great help.What have you done about your water pump as this is causing me a big problem at the moment?I am just about to tackle my body although may revisit my chassis now and do some more detailing.[/quote]

    Water pump I'm going to refurb, minimum as is, with new bearing, or there is a turbo upgrade floating around somewhere.

  3. [quote name='vintaylor' date='07 May 2011 - 01:56 PM']
    Did you buy them refurbished, or did you use kits and get them powder coated ? They look brand new! :thumbsup:

    No, these are my original calipers fully refurbed, pistons/springs/seals fully zinc plated.

    Mine were real nasty, rusty, pistons all knackered.

    It's not cheap, SJ I think has them done at the same place and put on 15% margin.

    Speak to Lee @;

    GOING FAST IS GREAT, BUT STOPPING IS BETTER................ :thumbsup:

  4. [quote name='nickfire' date='13 April 2011 - 05:57 PM']
    Great set of this how far you have got?
    How long have you spent on it?
    I love the S1 Esprit - there is a lovely S1 sat outside Lotusbits...does not need much doing to it.....and its white.Which i really like.
    All the best

    I have got as far as the photo's show, all in chronological order.

    Currently building up parts for the rolling chassis, will be doing a garage floor layout in about 2 weeks to see where I'm up to.

    I aquire all parts, then build in one go...... :thumbsup:

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