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  1. All,


    I have access to a laser scanner and a 3D printer.


    I wish to make some S1 original wing mirrors, however, I need an original mirror to laser scan.


    Once we have the laser scan I can make as many as needed, we can also laser cut the glass and we'll figure out the mounting bracket etc.. once the CAD model is surfaced.


    Who's interested, and who can let me borrow an original for a short space of time.


    Freebies will be offered for helpful parties..............

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  2. Mark


    What have you done? That was orange the last time I saw it!!! You've succumbed to the old adage that all Esprits have to be white - shame on you, orange is a fantastic colour and really suits a 70s Esprit (particularly with the green/tartan interior).


    By the way, it does look good :)




    Wife said she'd divorce me if it was Orange.

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