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  1. Let us not forget that in effect, Group Lotus is Malasian owned as well....... I don't give a fig..... the link between the "new" F1 team and GL has strengthened considereably. Initially the car group stated that they would "resist the use" of the Lotus name. Now take a look at the Lotus f1 website.... under the "family" tab you will find links to Lotus Cars an Classic Team Lotus.... says it all for me..... Oh, and I LOVE shouting for the underdog......
  2. You'd have spent twice as much on maintaining a V8 ...... twice the things to go wrong... Then you'd have been saying "I could have bought a Lambo for that money" lol
  3. My experience is; if a job needs doing, do it properly
  4. Hiya matey good luck with the looking.... ita all part of the excitement ! Sorry mine was sold before you got to look at it...... as for the "green".... its Lotus's basic colour FFS !!!! AND mine had the "team lotus" yellow badge and stripe..... pity I cant drive like Jim Clark tho !! Anyhow, let me know if you want any more advice on running a 4 pot daily.... I eventually did 30k in 3 years in mine
  5. I can't see it being before 2010 for availability...... so haveing the Aston in between makes sense !
  6. well, I'm reasonably well documented as being impatient about the new Esprit... see the thread in the "next generation" area.... My intention was to drive my S4s until the new esprit arrived; I have the cash and it was originally due about now..... BUT god knows when and if it will appear...... and as I use it for a daily drive, it wont be long before it hits the 100k mark..... SO time for a change..... I love it and it is now totally reliable..... but the Aston Vantage roadster is due in September (managed to grab one in the spec I wanted that someone had dropped off the list for)
  7. Maybe.... but I don't think so.... I've put her on here at a "sensible" selling price in the hope that a fellow enthusiast would like her..... Can't bear the thought that it might go to a non-enthusiast..... and hopefully the price will avoid the need for me to haggle and enable someone to either move up the chain, or join our fold for the first time.....
  8. Just put my S4s on the "FOR SALE" board on LEW..... Just under 15k...... not desperate to sell... don't need the cash, but would like it to go to a caring home.......
  9. Back to the thread ....... For me its... Scuba diving (I'm a PADI instructor) Underwater photography (see above) Travelling (see above !) Football (palace supporter.... coupled with my Lotus fixation that makes me officially a lost cause supporter) Interior design (work orientated) think thats about it !.......
  10. Hi Anthony; Thanks for showing this to your father. I don't think I asked to see any photo's or anything... all I was looking for was confirmation that the Esprit replacement was still coming and hadn't been canned, that was all.......
  11. How can you put a deposit down on something that isn't even confirmed as going to exist......? Believe me, after my M250 experience, you don't exactly get a good return on your investment ! You might as well try to put a deposit down on the worlds first flying car.....
  12. I'm even less fussy than that.... all I want is "yes its definately coming and its coming XXXX" "xxxx" being "when" and them to mean it ! And this is speaking as someone who had a deposit in for an M250 ! I just fear that I'll hang on and on......and on....and on...and on.... and on and then we get told its been canned...... when in reality its been canned already and no one has told us !
  13. Just my 2p's worth..... I'm off to my local Aston dealer this week to put my deposit down on the Vantage roadster; I've got 3 Lotusues in my garage and was looking to put the Esprit replacement in there too.... but no-one can give me a sensible answer as to when I can expect it..... It's all to much "smoke and mirrors" ... so the marque loses a sale.... pity since you wont find a customer more bought into the marque than me..... but I can't wait forever, so Aston (even with the 18 month wait) get the cash.......
  14. OK own up...... Who was in the car park at the CIOB headquarters yesterday afternoon in the blue Hi-wing? You luckily got into the car park... I had to put my S4s under a tree on the grass......
  15. Hi Assume thats me you're referring to? (Its an S4s by the way !) Thanks for the "spot" tho...... I use the car every day .... and living in Winchfield I dribe through Hartley twice a day... Where do you work then?
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