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  1. I think that was me - on the way to drop her down at Lakeside Engineering for B service, picked her up this Saturday - a joy to drive once again!! Stuart
  2. I'd just like to add my thanks to all those that have gone before. Utterly fantastic day which both Joanne and I enjoyed very much. Thanks for all the hard work and I look forward to seeing you all again in the future. Stuart
  3. Thanks for organising this!! Unfortunately I probably wont know for sure if I will make the meet at Clacket Lane before the morning itself. Best not to wait around for me, if I'm late it'll be my own fault! Stuart
  4. Some other info that may be useful for the untrackinsured among us. Try this company Motorsport Race&Rally Insurance Services is a trading name of Everitt Boles Ltd TEL : 020 7709 9559 FAX: 020 7709 9669 63 Mansell Street, London E1 8AN WWW.MORIS.CO.UK 04/10/2006 12:39 They have quoted me
  5. Stuart & Jo 40 and 41 Many thanks!
  6. Hmmm - I'm insured with Elephant who have just informed me that they do not cover these kind of events and that I will have to organise separate insurance... Is anyone else with Elephant and in the same boat? Any suggestions anyone else? Help is much appreciated ! Many thanks Stuart
  7. I'm coming from Wimbledon and was considering leaving early and just going straight across London...... If I'm too lazy to get out of bed though I'll probably join everyone for the trip round the M25. Stuart
  8. No. 111 & 112 1 - Stuart Gledhill 2 - 1993 S4 3 - Yes - Jo 4 - Yes, Sunday only at the moment but maybe Monday 5 - Yes, probably - though officially rubbish 6 - Yes, golf permitting!! (could be hacking around for a while) 7 - Maybe, I'll need to look into insurance etc. 8 - SW London
  9. Hi eveyone, I'm sure that this must have been discussed before but I can't seem to find any threads. How does one go about rigging up the standard S4 stereo to play from my Ipod? Is it going to be best to get and FM transmittor? Is there cabaling I can buy? Are there any specialist ICE places anyone can recommend? Does anyone want to buy the multi-CD player (ipod use hopefully making this redundant). Many thanks Stuart
  10. 146&147 1. Stuart G 2. S4 3. +1 4. B&B or Hotel 5. Wimbledon
  11. Hi everyone I've recently been having a lot of bother with my wiper (helpfully this first manifested itself zipping down the M25 in torrential rain and nearly gave me a heart attack ). The blade seems to travel too far and gets stuck below the base of the windscreen, I've tried to stop this by manually moving the start position of the blade but think that I may have made things worse as the blade now doesn't travel fully across the screen (or goes too far) and will intermittently get stuck again. Has anyone had a similar issue? Any thoughts on what I can do or worst case
  12. Lakeside have thankfully sorted the power steering issue now ... nice! Only problem is going to be coming up with the cash for some new wheels to replace flatspotted ones caused by a high-speed pot-hole based shocker!!! damn!!
  13. Demon driver

    MPH 05

    I'm off to one of the evening shows in Earls Court - car is currently having new wheels and power steering sorted though so shall be training it in!
  14. Thought I'd add to this thread as think I am suffering from a similar Gremlin. Up until yesterday I got the occasional low whining noise when manoevering at low speeds. Yesterday the whining got b**dy loud when pulling out of a parking space followed by a clunk when I turned to park up again and a complete lack of power steering (still steers but very heavy). I am new to Esprit ownership and am generally not particularly mechanically minded so any recommendations on courses of action are much appreciated. I was thinking that I'd just take it down to Lakeside engineering... T
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