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  1. I'm gutted I couldn't make the event, by the sounds of it I missed the best Esprit Event ever. I need one of those DVD''s to rub salt in my wounds and to kick my butt for next time. Please count me in. Dannyslice
  2. 192&193 1 - Dan Smith 2 - Hopefully, depends if it passes its MOT, otherwise its the calibra. Esprit 1988 Turbo 3 - Yes, Mandy Smith 4 - No 5 - No 6 - No 7 - No 8 - Kent
  3. Hi I've had loads of experience in replacing and fitting start switches on various cars. The golden rule is to remember how much current is drawn through the existing switch your replacing, in this case the igition switch. To remove the ignition switch completely you will need a minimum of three automotive standard din type relays, normally with a current handling capacity of 70ADC and inrush current of 140ADC. Thats the easy bit, the hard part is to figure out a way to energise the relays in the sequence replicating the ignition barrel and harder still how to do it so it doesn't make the vehicle easier to steel. Finger print recognition can be used to give you ignition say, then the start button to crank the engine, you may need an engine stop button somewhere or press the finger print system again to cut ignition. Something I've never tried but should be a doddle to implement. I've designed an electronic keypad system that removes the whole switch and you use a keypad with pin number to start the car. With the switch and wiring removed from the steering column a common thief wouldn't have a clue how to hot wire your car. With the added protection of a snap off steering wheel then your talking total protection. I've also interfaced my existing alarm with my keypad system so wakes up on door entry or remote unlock. It's only a one off at the moment though. I've got it running in my Esprit and is the nuts. All I have on my keyring it an alarm remote, nothing else. Cheers Dan
  4. Hey people Cheers for making me feel so welcome, I'll post some more pics in the garage section later today. Mods so far are... Removed all locks including ignition barrel, Fitted keypad alarm/immobilizer/start controller, Removed column storks and old steering wheel, Fitted F1 style snap off wheel with stork controls via buttons on wheel, Clear indicator mod to the front, Smoked side repeaters, Debadged, 17" Oz wheels, Stainless exhaust system, Clutch pipe mod, V8 rad with Pacet fans, Mods to do... Fit new suspension (any recommendations would be welcome), Hi Spec brakes on the front, Sport 300 seats and releather interior. BTW my friend has his own business called Autofilms Direct, specialising in window tinting, security film and even stone chip guard film for bumpers and bonnets. His fitters have plenty of experience of tinting Esprits for Motorway Sports Cars in Canterbury. The good thing is they come to you. In addition he is also running the leather retrimming center for a major vehicle importer and retrims OE on new cars. He can fully retrim your Esprit (or any other car) in any design you like at a really good price. I'm hoping to get mine done as soon as I've finished my install of alarms and steering wheel and when I find some Sport 300 seats. I'll post some pics of the process and finished product when complete. Let me know if anyone wants more info or is interested in a quote and I'll get it sorted. Cheers Dan
  5. Hey to all I've just joined the forum and thought I'd say Hi. I've had my 1988 Esprit Turbo for over four years now, but until recently has been in bits whilst being modded and updated. The good news is that it's almost done and ready to rock. I'm planning to get the bad boy on the road next year once I've finished wiring in various electronic gizmos that I've designed. Namely a keypad imobilizer system that removes the need for keys anywhere and a F1 style quick release wheel with buttons for lights, indicators, wipers and horn. The good thing about the later is that it enables me to remove those nasty Cortina storks and its a great theft deterrant. Theres a recent piccy of the car attached for your viewing pleasure. I look forward to chatting and hopefully meeting with you all sometime in the near future. Cheers Dan
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