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  1. Esprit fuel tank repair needed. Can anyone recommend a decent specialist in the West Midlands that could remove and repair a leaking passenger side fuel tank on a 88 SE Turbo? Paul Matty's are booked for the next 6 weeks and I am currently driving a mobile bomb Need it doing ASAP as I can't even keep it in the garage in the state it is in at the moment. Thanks in advance.
  2. Seen as I'm new, I may as well share Aviation in general (ex Army Air Corps, could never master rotary but occasionly fly accompanied fixed wing) Beer, see above for explanation, I'm sure Stella Artois had a brain washing program running during basic training Electronics, my job involves quite a lot of it and being the geek I am, I do actually find it interesting Shooting. Just about to join the NRA at Bisley, shoot quite often at a range in Blackpool. Have just got back from the states where I managed (along with the eldest and middle son) to spend $680 and 3 days out of our hol
  3. I'm up for that, it'll be my first NMEG meet and my first "club outing" with Lois. It is just far enough away to warrant a hotel room for me and the frau. Is anyone else contemplating staying out, or will I have to discuss shoes and belts with the missus all night as opposed to carbon fibre and dump valves
  4. Hi Garry and welcome Spent a fair while in Medicine Hat myself (at BATUS). What I'd give now to have one of the range roads to play on!
  5. dj2038

    Hi all

    Hi all, been a while since I last posted, to be honest I'd forgotten all about you all I got that wrapped up in finishing the car after I'd originally posted that I forgot that I'd registered! Many thanks to Oneshot for dropping a card through my door the other day after spotting the Esprit on the driveway, this reminded me that I had forgotten to conclude the story! "Lois" is now back on the road in her full glory, although obviously she is in hibernation at the moment thanks to our great British weather and my desire to both continue breathing AND to face in the correct direction o
  6. I'm in. Just got my Esprit SE back from Horizon with it's new shiny red coat and revamped alloys so this will be the first LEF outing. Any news on firm dates yet? Regards Dave
  7. dj2038

    Hi all

    Many thanks for all the kind words so far, it's great to have somewhere to come to glean advice and discuss matters. As for the launch date, it's more of a "when it's finished" than a set date, as long as it's before the good weather reappears I'll be happy, I learned in the "early" days that they can be very unforgiving when the roads are wet or greasy (sideways power slides down dual carriageways when you remember that it has a quite powerful turbocharger tends to focus the mind!) I'll be putting the pictures together shortly and will publish them all together. Costs so far ha
  8. dj2038

    Hi all

    Hi all, I'm Dave from West Bromwich and have been lurking on here a while and decided it was time to say hello. I bought a rather shabby 89 / 90 Esprit SE Turbo Chargecooler last year and since then have had a shedload of work done to it in order to get her back to showroom condition. Started off with a major service, brake upgrade, gear linkage mod, suspension tweek & pretty much everything mechanically put to rights. She's now stripped down to the guts and most of the way through a complete respray to get her back to the original Lotus Red instead of the nasty faded p
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