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  1. 🖐️ It`s that time again to change the gear oil in my Esprit S3 and Turbo HC. I have read a couple of older threads of what official oil to use in the Esprit and what type a specialists recommend. Castrol have updated their range within the last year or two and have several to choose from. The most important in my opinion is firstly the words Transaxle and Manual. Maybe I`m reading too much into it but hopefully my mind can be put at rest so I can sleep easy tonight! The same official recommendations used to appear for the Citroen and Renault boxes to use Castrol Manual TAF-X oil. This is SAE75W-90, API GL4/5, VW 501 50 (as written on the bottle I still have). The recommendation by Lotus circa 2012 (from another thread) was that Syntrans Transaxle 75W-90 oil could be used as the TAF-X was discontinued. I`m not sure if this was a GL5 or GL4 or GL4+. When TAF-X ran out of stock Opie Oils stated on their website that Syntrans Transaxle replaced this. It now states that their Transmax Manual Transaxle 75W-90 GL4+ replaces the Syntrans. The Transmax Manual is specified as a GL4+ and EP (extreme pressure) performance. It is also to VW 501 50 as per the TAF-X. The service manual and booklet recommends API GL5 however. I imagine this is because there are EP requirements for harder metal parts mixed with softer metal components. I have not had any problems for the last 15-20 years or so using TAF-X or Syntrans, so I must be doing something right! When I do a search on Opie for my car it comes up with Transmax Universal LL 75W-90 GL4/GL5, though not the same VW approval. Not sure what LL means. Long life maybe. Another thing I have noticed is that these oils are about twice the price they used to be, but these days you can`t do much about that. There are recommendations to overfill the gearbox to 3L for better lubrication for the synchro and needle bearing 5th gear on the primary shaft, rather than 2.25L, though I have never done this, I have read this can cause the oil to foam creating oil starvation. I have gone a bit over the norm bolt hole level in the past, nothing too much. I have also been told in the past that the gearbox doesn`t need that much oil to run, so not to worry if it leaks slightly from the rear plate. I am open to doing whatever is best for my gearbox. I may be reading too much into this and may have answered my own question by now. I know there are different additives for a GL5 that can affect the softer metal parts causing potential corrosion, and going the other way with GL4 may wear out other parts faster. This is all speculation from my point of view and I`m just a user of the product. The GL4+ seems like the right compromise? I was going to buy the Transmax Manual Transaxle stuff and be done with. Cheers, Dan
  2. Hi Martyn, can you squeeze another Esprit in at all? (55) Cheers Dan
  3. Hi Jonathan, just wondered if there are still any spaces or have I missed the boat? I`ve only just seen the post. Cheers, Dan
  4. Sorry Bibs working then off to Stone Free Festival, would love to otherwise. Have a great day.
  5. Thanks for this, would have been great though I have to work too.
  6. Hi Tim, a few shots of your car I had.  It was a pleasure meeting and chatting to you and your father.  If you have any q`s about an Esprit S3 (I think it was you) feel free to ask.  Cheers, Dan




  7. A few pics I couldn`t fit in the thread...






    1. esprit gt3 nickbassett

      esprit gt3 nickbassett

      Hi Dan, Thank you for these; they're great.  I really appreciate it.  By the way, we were looking at the website for the Lotus Festival and it does look tempting.  So we 'may' go for it!  Don't know for certain yet.

    2. dan chambers

      dan chambers

      Glad you like them Nick.  I usually go so hope to see you there.

  8. Massive thanks to Bibs & marshalls etc. I had a fantastic day topped off by meeting Mr Kimberley Snr and Jnr. To meet so many interesting and down to earth people is why I still love owning a Lotus.
  9. Pleasure to meet and chat with you Barrie, and thanks for your comments about my Turbo HC. The pictures I took of your car are stunning. I had a great day and it was great chatting to the various owners, one of the main reasons for long Lotus ownership.
  10. Hi Dan, really nice to see you today and chat. Hope you got home ok. See you next year (or at Brands Hatch?!). Nick.

    1. dan chambers

      dan chambers

      Hi Nick, thank you, nice chatting you both too.  It`s what keeps me in Lotus ownership having good conversations with like minded people.  I was pleased to talk briefly to Mike Kimberley and Kimbers before they left yesterday.  I had no problems getting back.  I then took out my S3 out for a 50 mile blast.  Shame we didn`t win anything, Barry was keen on mine and wanted Guy to look at it but I was over in Brooklands so I think I missed out on a possible trophy.  Nevermind there will always be next year and you can do your parade laps!  A bit disappointing for us both but apart from that I had a great time.  I chatted to a few other guys I hadn`t met before, one with the red Exige in the field (Tim) and a nice chat with Barry who I hadn`t really spoken to before.  It`s surprising how long you can talk to someone when you thought you were just passing.  I`m looking forward to the concorde pics anyway.  I am planning to go to Brands, so hope to see you there.  Slightly off topic, speaking to Brian Angus a couple of years ago on the best cars to drive, he said the S3 and GT3 were two of his favourites.  Cheerio, Dan  

  11. Not sure I can compete with the amazing cars I saw here last year but mine is in pretty good original condition so I`ll give it a go. JAWS - 2010 Evora Rupert - 2004 Elise TrevorB - 1992 Elan SE Turbo ChrisJ - 1982 Turbo Esprit Steve - 1980 Essex Esprit Kalli - 2015 Exige S Coupe The Pits - 1981 Turbo Esprit Peapod - Exige S LotusPilot - 2014 Exige S Roadster Domguy - exige s1 Bruce Crowthorne - 1968 Elan S4 mayesprit - S2 Elan m100 JG - 2009 Evora Orangebomb 2006 Exige 320S Geoff Morgan - Lotus Europa DDubya (Danny) 1954 Lotus Mark VI Andyww. 1982 Turbo Esprit Atak - 2011 Exige S Brian - Esprit S3 grahamk - Elan M100 S2 robington 82 turbo esprit Laurie S2 Esprit World Champion Andy - 2009 Elise S2 R 'UK Special' with Factory SC kit fitted Jonathan 1976 Esprit S1 Nicholas Bassett - Esprit GT3 1998 Brooke Pursey Esprit v8 03 Mike Self - 1965 Lotus Elan S2 Dan Chambers - Turbo Esprit HC BRG
  12. 1. Bibs - Elise S1 2. Snoboardr - Evora S 3. mayesprit - S2 M100 4. Alfa2Evora - Evora NA 5. DaveC72 - Evora S 6 Nigel SD Esprit S2 Gold 7. Kalli - Exige V6S 8. Andrew C - Espige 9. YellowPeril - Esprit S4 10. Slewthy. Black Esprit S3 11. The Pits. Dry Sump Turbo Esprit 12. Barrykearley - Esprit V8 13. Sbfdave - Evora S 14. Dean. Esprit S2 JPS 15. James and Ellie - 1988 Esprit NA 16. 100th_Idiot - Evora S 17. Danny - Lotus MK V 18. Obione - Esprit Turbo 19. Rizla603104 - Purple S4 Esprit 20. Ondex - S2 NA Exige 21. Mrs LF1 - Elise 220 Cup 22. Davebarny - Elise S Cup 23. Atak - Exige S 24. TimK - Exige V6 Roadster 25. Nicholas Bassett - Esprit GT3 1998 26. swindon_alan - '96 Esprit V8 in LRG 27. Dan Chambers - Turbo Esprit HC
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